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Study in Germany 2023


Study in Germany: Germany is one of the top destinations for Indian students wanting to study abroad. According to the latest data by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany around 42,997 Indian Students have enrolled in German Universities in the year 2022-23. Over the years, Germany has evolved as an education hub for both bachelors and masters degree programs due to its world class education and modern amenities

As most of Germany's state owned universities, also known as public universities, offer free or zero tuition fees. Which makes it the best choice as students have to only bear the cost of living in Germany

But in case you are aspiring to study in Germany then you should have to abide by some of the norms and fill the eligibility conditions for the top universities in germany which is elaborated in the upcoming sections.

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Studying in Germany has endless benefits. Some of the key benefits of studying in Germany are as follows:

  • Quality Education
  • World Class Educational Institutes
  • Reasonable or Affordable Cost of Studying in Germany
  • Safe and stable environment
  • Pre & Post employment opportunity

and many more. Let’s learn more about them in detail in the upcoming section.

There are many reasons why you might want to study in Germany. Germany is a country with a rich history, culture, and innovation. It has some of the best universities in the world, offering a wide range of courses and degrees. Here are some of the benefits of studying in Germany:

High-Quality Education in Germany

You can get a high-quality education that is recognized globally. German universities are known for their excellence in teaching and research. They offer a variety of programs, from engineering and natural sciences to humanities and social sciences. Many of these programs are taught in English, so you don't need to worry about learning German if you don't want to. Some of the top-ranked universities in Germany are Technical University of Munich, Heidelberg University, and Humboldt University of Berlin.
Here In Germany, students have a chance to get a great level of education. When talking about the best education standards, Germany holds its place as one of the top levels. Degrees from Germany are accepted and approved all around the world. To meet the high-quality standards, all the programs are reviewed by the institutions, and before granting membership, colleges need to fulfill membership standards.

World-class Educational Institutes

Germany is home to some of the top universities in the world. Universities in Germany are internationally-recognized, affordable, and ready to meet the variety of educational needs of local and international students. Based on official recordings in 2018, there are 429 public higher education institutions functioning in Germany among which 106 are universities. German universities are above global higher education standards. Some of them have been consistently ranked among the world’s best universities. Students value these universities for the quality of education, hands-on experiences during their studies, opportunities to improve academically during and after studies and most importantly the safe and friendly environment.

Cost of Studying in Germany / Affordable Education Cost

You can study for free or at a low cost. Most public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees for undergraduate and some postgraduate programs. You only need to pay a small semester contribution, which covers administrative costs and sometimes includes a public transport ticket. The semester contribution varies between universities, but it is usually between 100 and 350 euros. Private universities may charge higher fees, but they also offer scholarships and financial aid for students who need them.
A study abroad candidate has to take into consideration the financial aspect, which forms an essential part of the study abroad decision. The cost of education in Germany is less expensive as compared to countries like U.S.A, Australia, and other preferred education destinations.

Safe and Stable Environment

You can enjoy a safe and stable environment. Germany is one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in the world. It has a strong economy, a democratic political system, and a high standard of living. It also has a low crime rate and a good health care system. You can travel freely and explore the diverse landscapes, cities, and cultures of Germany and Europe.

Learn a New Language and Culture

You can learn a new language and culture. German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and the world. Learning German can open up many opportunities for your personal and professional development. You can also experience the rich and diverse culture of Germany, which includes its art, music, literature, cuisine, festivals, and traditions. You can meet people from different backgrounds and make new friends.

Future Prospects

You can gain practical experience and enhance your career prospects. Many German universities have strong links with industry and research institutes. They offer opportunities for students to do internships, projects, or thesis work with leading companies or organizations. This can help you gain valuable skills and experience that will boost your resume and employability. Germany is also home to many global companies, such as BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, SAP, and Bosch. You can find many job opportunities in Germany or abroad after you graduate

Choose a program which you like

The universities in Germany offer various graduate, postgraduate, masters, and Ph.D. programs in various fields. You can choose from thousands of Programs offered by German Universities. With so many options, you have a chance to choose one of them that meet your requirements.

Easy Student Visa

As compared to other countries, the student visa process is fairly simple for Germany. They have made the visa application process easy and fast for Indian students wishing to study in Germany.


Studying in Germany is the dream of every student. When it comes to study in the top ranked Technical & Management universities for low to no fee universities Germany is the choice for students. Germany is also known for its economy as it is world’s 3rd & Europe’s 1st. Germany's inclusive values, and high standard of living, is internationally recognized as one of the best countries to live and study in.

There are many scholarships for international students to fund their studies by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service. There are a variety of higher education institutions in Germany include colleges, technical and applied arts/science schools, and universities that grant both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Study in Germany

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Germany

Every applicant aspiring to study in Germany should ensure that they meet the basic eligibility criteria laid down by the public and private universities of Germany. The program wise eligibility criteria are outlined here in the upcoming section

Bachelor Degree Course in Germany (as per 12th score)

Student seeking admission in any bachelor degree course in Germany should ensure that they have the following essential qualification:

  • For private university a candidate needs to have around 50 to 60% in the class 12th board examination.
  • Whereas for public university applicants should have obtained at least more than 60%.

Master Degree Course in Germany(as per bachelor’s score)

Student seeking admission in any master degree course in Germany should ensure that they meet the following essential qualification:

  • For private university a candidate needs to have around 50 to 60% in their bachelors
  • Whereas for public university applicants should have obtained at least more than 60% but less than 75% for German Taught.
  • But in case you are seeking admission in an English taught public university you must have more than 75% in your bachelors.

Medicine (as per 12th score)

  • in case you are seeking admission in an German taught public university you must have more than 85% in your bachelors

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Top Universities IN GERMANY

The list of top universities in Germany is endless. As most of the public and private universities of Germany are highly ranked. But most of the international students want to get into top public universities. Which requires German language expertise, and exceptional academic records. Therefore, candidates can opt for private universities in Germany as they also offer quality education but at a nominal fee. Here is a list of Universities in Germany with ranking as per the calendar year:

Universities in Germany

QS World University Ranking

Times Higher Education World University Ranking

Technical University of Munich



Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich



Heidelberg University



Free University of Berlin



Humboldt University of Berlin



KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology



RWTH Aachen University



Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)



Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen



Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg



Top Ranked Private Universities of Germany

The list of top ranked private universities are outlined in this section. Candidates seeking admission in any of the following German Universities should ensure that they comply with the essential eligibility criteria and apply within a defined timeline.

Courses - Masters & Bachelors (Technical & Managements)
Fees - 15000-32000 euros
Semesters - March, Sep/Oct
Processing time - 5 to 6 months after shortlisting university till student reach the destination.

Top Ranked Public universities of Germany

The top ranked public universities of Germany are as follows. Students interested to apply should ensure that they fulfill the basic admission criteria laid down by the universities.

Courses - Masters & Bachelors (Technical & Managements)
Fees - Free
Semesters - March, Sep/Oct
Processing time - 5 to 6 months after shortlisting university till student reach the destination.

Top Courses in Germany: Technical/Engg.

Germany being the Mecca for engineering studies. Here are the popular or top courses in Germany especially in the field of technical engineering are as follows:

  • Machanical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Physics
  • IT & Networking
  • Biology
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
Top Courses in Germany: Management

Germany offers multiple programs for students to study abroad. The list of top management courses in Germany are as follows:

  • MBA
  • Finance
  • International management
  • Business management
  • Healthcare management
  • Digital marketing
  • Film, Motion design & Photography

Cost of Studying in Germany

Cost of studying in Germany varies infinitely. But the major contribution to the cost of studying in Germany are tuition fees and living cost expenses. Most of the public universities charge zero tuition fees. Which means all the applicants have to bear only the living cost only if enrolled in public universities.

Cost of Study in Germany: Tuition Fees

The cost of study in Germany depends upon the tuition fees of the university. Based on the tuition fee of the public and private university of germany the minimum and maximum cost of study in Germany will be as follows:

  • Minimum Cost of Study in Germany: Zero
  • Maximum Cost of Study in Germany: 30 Lakhs

Cost of Study in Germany: Living Cost

Living cost is another key factor which contributes towards the cost of study in Germany. If an applicants planning to study in Germany can check the minimum and maximum living cost of study in Germany furnished here:

  • Minimum Living Cost in Germany: 6 Lakhs
  • Maximum Living Cost in Germany: 10 Lakhs

Cost of Studying in Germany by Course

The cost of studying in Germany especially bachelor of technology is around Rs 1.50 lakhs

Popular Course

Cost of Studying in Germany

B.Tech / BSC

INR 0 - 6 Lakhs


INR 8 - 25 Lakhs


INR 0 - 7 Lakh



How to get admission & visa

Candidates seeking admission in Germany have to ensure that they have all the necessary documents and comply with the norms of the universities.

  • Shortlist universities as per your desired course
  • Prepare documents as per university requirements
  • Prepare Language proficiency IELTS (for english taugh courses), German (for german taught courses), many private universities also allow internal tests and MOI certificates.
  • Send all the set of documents to the university
  • After 30-45 days public university share the offer letter, Private universities takes 7-10 days
  • Start preparing for visa application
  • Prepare for Visa interview
  • Get your visa within 45 days
  • Book your accommodation & Flights

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