MBBS in Philippines:

MBBS in the Philippines has become a highly desirable study destination for Indian students due to its status as the largest English-speaking country, along with its US pattern of study. This helps prepare students to complete the USMLE exam successfully. The medical degree awarded is called MD (Doctor of Medicine). Furthermore, these universities have been recognised and approved by MCI, NMC, WHO and other global medical bodies. Moreover, the FMGE passing ratio from Philippines has been amongst the highest in recent years with many top ranking FMGE students from this region. The MBBS program spans six years and includes a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD), plus a yearlong internship at the end.

Philippines has emerged as a major source of education for medical courses aspirants of India. It is an archipelagic country consisting of beautiful 7641 islands, which makes it not only a most sought tourist place but also quality MBBS courses in Philippines. The country ranks among the top MBBS courses in abroad locations with the top-notch medical colleges with very less MBBS course fee structures attracting a major chunk of medical students to the country.
Philippines as a country has a very friendly environment for Indian citizens to not only visit as a tourist but also settle if they like.

Some of the major factors which make it a highly friendly country for Indian MBBS students in Philippines are as below –

  • Cultural adaptability – Philippines is a secular country and has deep routed similarities in the traditions with Indian culture. The country has a strong family oriented culture, similar to Indian tradition of living in a joint and large family. More over the country has great ties with their old traditional and religious values; this makes them very similar to Indian values as well.
  • Language Spoken in Philippines – Philippines native language is Filipino, it should be noted that the majority population of the country is predominantly English speaking. English serves as the second official language apart of Filipino. This makes it easy for Indian medical students in Philippines to communicate with local people in the country and gel in their society very easily.
  • Cost of living in Philippines - The cost of living for medical students in Philippines is very less as compared to other major countries across the globe, and the standard of living is better than India.
  • Quality of life in Philippines – There is a drastic difference in the air quality of Philippines. Being surrounded by water from all sides, and a tropical, humid climate, the country enjoys a low pollution air, making Indians very easy to settle. The people of the country enjoy a low crime rate in the country making it very safe to live. The law and order situation in the country is very stable and there are almost no cases of discrimination or harassment on the basis of ethnic origin, caste, skin color, gender or religion. Davao enjoys the safest city in Philippines tag while other cities are almost as safe.
  • Healthcare facility in Philippines - Healthcare facility in the country is at par to most of the developed countries. People enjoy top medical facilities in Philippines, with access to top medical centers and doctors. All major treatment facilities are available in Philippines with latest equipments for diagnosis and treatment and specialized doctors. Employment Opportunities in Philippines- It has a growing economy hence residents of Philippines enjoys ample of job opportunities in well established and new business ventures setting up in the country. There has been major development in the field of IT, healthcare and hospitality sectors leading to major growth in economy and job demands in the country.
  • Attractive destination – Philippines is counted as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It has stunning beaches and scenic beauty which mesmerizes tourists' mind. Indians travelling to the country can enjoy an opportunity to live in natural habitat and can make their everyday a new experience of life. Locals' Attitude towards non indigenous people- People of Philippines, the Filipinos are considered to be one of the friendliest people. Driven by great cultural values, Filipinos offer unmatched hospitality and friendliness to non native visitors too. Native people are very forthcoming, understanding and helpful hence it makes it very easy for Indians visiting the country to make new compassionate friends in the foreign land.

MBBS in Philippines Fees Structure 2024

Some of the recommended Medical Universities of Philippines and their fee structures:

Name of the universitiesBS Course Tuition feesMD Course Tuition fees
University of Perpetual Help peso 450000 PHP ₱ 1200000
Our Lady of Fatima University USD $ 14000 USD $ 24000
Lyceum-Northwestern University INR ₹ 650000 PHP ₱ 800000
Davao Medical School Foundation INR ₹ 600000 USD $ 26050
Ama School of Medicine PHP ₱ 500000 PHP ₱ 800000

NOTE: Tuition fees mentioned above are subject to change and are decided by the Universities. For additional information and complete fee structure, please connect with Book My University counsellors.

Why study MBBS in Philippines?

MBBS in Philippines has recently got a lot of popularity among Indians and other sub Indian Continent countries due to various reasons. Medical program course fees in USA are very high as compared to MBBS course fees in India, and MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine are not being preferred due to recent events occurring in European nations.
The country offers a politically stable and safe environment for joining medical courses in Philippines. Moreover, MBBS fees in Philippines is affordable as compared to USA and Medical course fees in the country are comparable to the MBBS course fees in Russia or MBBS course fees in Ukraine.
The other factors which make it a better choice to join Medical courses in Philippines are listed below.

Affordable Cost of Higher Education:

The country offer a very low cost of education to everyone in the country. Medical course fees in USA and medical course fees in UK are far higher than the cost of MBBS in Philippines. Not only this, the Cost of MBBS in Philippines is lower than the MBBS fees in India too. If we compare the cost of MBBS in Ukraine and Russia vs Philippines, the cost of studying medicine in Philippines is considered to be equivalent or even more affordable.
The majority of Indians thus have started opting for Medicine courses in this country to avoid taking high loans for higher education in India. Approximate cost of MBBS in Philippines is 15 to 20 Lacks INR for the whole 5 year MBBS program. Apart from tuition fees the student needs to bear the private accommodation of hostel fees which is very manageable in the country. Apart from the MBBS study fees in Philippines, the daily living cost in the country for food, transportation and recreational activities are very affordable and students can meet the day-to-day expenses on a modest budget.

High-Quality Education:

Philippines enjoy having some of the top-ranked medical universities in the world. MBBS courses in the Medical colleges in Philippines offer comprehensive curriculum especially designed at part to the global medical education standards. Philippines MBBS courses are structured to offer the students best in class education with latest equipments, the curriculum focuses on providing the medical students the actual environment for extensive practical experiences thus making the students more confident and experienced to treat their patients.
The MBBS courses in Philippines are designed in line to the medicine courses in USA to offer the students globally accepted standard of education. Hence the MBBS degrees from Philippines are accredited by leading international medical boards like World Health Organization. Apart of WHO, Medical Council of India – MCI also recognizes the medical degree from the colleges.
The MBBS colleges in Philippines make sure to keep their medical program curriculum updated on a yearly basis to match the international standards of education, keeping up with the global medical advancements, making it an important destination and preferred country to do MBBS Abroad.

Study Medical courses in English:

Filipino is the national language of Philippines. But being former American colony for a long time, almost every resident of the country speaks English as a second language. English is also considered as the second official language in the country. This makes English a widely spoken language and all MBBS Universities in Philippines offer MBBS courses in English medium. Making English as a medium of instruction offers the local and abroad students of the universities understand the concepts more clearly and makes the environment of study friendlier. This has highly encouraged global medical course seekers to take MBBS admission in Philippines. Students from all across the world visit the country to take medical courses as they do not need to learn a new language to study and practice and during the internship training in the country, the students can easily communicate with the local residents and diagnose their medical condition.

Scholarship Programs:

Although an MBBS fee in Philippines is very low as compared to other countries, many universities offer the top ranking candidates subsidized fees under the scholarship programs. The Universities offer grants with collaboration with the government to promote higher education to the most deserving students in the country. It makes MBBS in Philippines highly affordable as compared to any other countries like USA, Europe, Australia, or Russia.

Clinical Exposure:

MBBS universities in the country offer a great practical experience to their students by subjecting them to Clinical exposure. MBBS students in Philippines get a chance to gain practical experience with leading medical practitioners via Clinical training. The students are given the permission to visit the university medical hospital clinics to monitor the patients, diagnose and suggest the course of treatment to the senior doctors. The well equipped hospitals and clinical facilities of these medical universities of Philippines offer students to make use of the latest and advanced equipments in the medical field and get hands-on experience and exposure to various medical tests and procedures. Clinical exposure to students helps them to gain essential knowledge of the textbook problems that the patients experience and gain practical knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treatment procedures.

Cultural diverse environment for Students:

Philippines is a secular country and they respect people from all religions and faith. Students studying MBBS in Philippines enjoy the culturally diverse environment and can live in a harmonious and secure environment which helps them blend with students from different ethnic backgrounds and gain experience of studying in a global cultural environment. All universities celebrate the major festivals of different parts of the world in order to generate compassion and harmony among the students. The Filipinos offer unmatched hospitality to the students living in the country with their friendly nature and make it easy for the students to live peacefully in the new surrounding, thus making them feel at home.

High standard Medical Care:

MBBS students in Philippines have access to a highly advanced medical care system in the country. It has one of the leading medical facilities with global standards equipments to treat any type of disease. The medical facilities in the country have the latest diagnostic equipments and operation centers to offer the residents, visitors or students the at-par treatment to developed countries like USA and UK. The top medical practitioners in the country provide the best diagnosis and treatment to the patients.

Internationally Recognized Medical Degree:

As the MBBS courses in Philippines are in-line with global standards. MBBS degrees from Philippines medical universities are recognized globally. Hence the medical courses graduate students of the country enjoy the liberty to practice all across the world. Students who like to pursue higher education or PG course in the Medical field can apply all around the world. There are a lot of countries where there is a shortage of skilled doctors, the MBBS graduate students can avail the opportunity to relocate to different parts of the world and practice medicine.
MBBS degrees from Philippines are recognized by –

  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • NMC (National Medical Commission)
  • ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) – Required for entering the US Healthcare system to take USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)
  • FAIMER (Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research)

Better Career Opportunities:

Philippines is not only a tourist destination for beach and scenic beauty lovers but it is also well known for medical tourism. As the healthcare industry in the country is one of the best in the world and the hospitals and medical care units here offer low-cost treatment for international patients too, medical tourism is very high here. Philippines being a developing country still has a shortage of good medical practitioners, and the hospitals are always seeking for new fresh MBBS graduates to work in their units. Hence, it serves as a great opportunity for MBBS students from India to study MBBS in Philippines and join the leading medical care units in the country when graduated.
The MBBS degree in Philippines also opens the door to all major Southeast Asian Countries as they have huge requirement for good medical practitioners.

Easy MBBS Admission Process:

MBBS admission in Philippines is one of the simplest in the world. Taking admission to MBBS College in Philippines requires no entrance test; students seeking to study MBBS in Philippines can apply only with their scores of Intermediate standard. Book My University team helps the students in the application process making it very simple for students to apply.

AMA School of Medicine:

The AMA School of Medicine is one of the most institutes for medical education. It is located in the city of Makati. The college was founded in the year 2008 with an aim to become the best MBBS College in Philippines. AMA School of Medicine also known as AMASOM is one of the group institutes under the AMA Education System. This MBBS College is one of the best destinations to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students. AMASOM is recognized by all major international organizations such as the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organization. Hence medical courses in Philippines are valid in India too. The AMASOM has constructed highly advanced facilities to provide their students with the best education in medical field. The laboratories are designed to provide the best practical skills experience and clinical knowledge to the students. The AMA School of Medicine is one of the leading medical institute which offers MBBS admission in Philippines for Indian students. It must be noted that the medium of education for Indian students in Philippines is English which makes it easy for Indian students to study medicine in the country. The MD degree offered by AMA School of Medicine is recognized in the UK, Australia, India, and other Commonwealth countries making Philippines medical degree valid in India too. Once the medicine program is completed in the country, graduated students of India are granted a license to practice medicine in India and hence they are treated similar to the degree of MBBS in India. The license is granted to Indian students graduated in medicine in Philippines after the licensing formalities are completed by them in National Medical Commission. The medical curriculum at AMASOM is designed to incorporate various teaching-learning and assessment approaches that are intended to achieve the educational goals of the program. Life of Indian students in Philippines are very easy as they easily get along with residents of Philippines and AMA School of Medicine promotes Indian students to participate in various extracurricular an cultural activities to develop their communication and harmony with others apart of leadership and team work spirit. Indian students in AMASOM can engage in activities such as community service, sports, cultural events, and research activities. The AMASOM also offers Indian students for MBBS in Philippines numerous opportunities to participate in international medical conferences, seminars, and workshops, providing them with exposure to the latest developments in the medical field. The medical school also offers international clinical elective programs that allow students to gain clinical experience in foreign hospitals, enhancing their practical skills and cross-cultural competencies.

Gullas College of Medicine:

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the best medical colleges in Philippines for Indian students, which offers a world-class medical education at an affordable cost of studying MBBS in Philippines.
The UV Gullas College of Medicine was established in the year 1919 and has a rich history of providing excellent medical education to students from all over the world. It is one of the MBBS top Universities abroad; located in Cebu City, this MBBS College has a state-of-the-art campus with all modern facilities. Their laboratories, lecture halls, and clinical training centers are fitted with latest equipments to make study delightful and excellent too.
One of the most significant advantages of studying at the UV Gullas College of Medicine is the English language curriculum. Indian MBBS students at UV Gullas College can study in English medium, and during the clinical rotations, Indian students can also communicate with patients and other medical professionals in English language only. The MBBS curriculum in this medical college in Philippines is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medicine, and students are exposed to a wide range of medical specialties, including surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry.
The UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a six-year MD program that is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and other international medical bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). The UV Gullas College of Medicine offered medical graduate degree is valid in India and hence MBBS graduates from Philippines can work in India as medical practitioner.
MBBS fees in Philippines for Indian students, in this college, are extremely affordable. It makes the cost of doing MBBS here very less as compared to other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Studying medicine in Philippines is much more cost-effective. The UV Gullas College of Medicine offers low cost MBBS fees in the country for Indian students.
For more details on Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students 2023 please visit the college information page. Cost of studying MBBS in Philippines for Indian students 2023 is updated in the respective college pages.

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF):

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), is a premier institution to study medicine in Philippines for international students. The medical courses at DMSF is one of the most sought-after courses by Indian students for studying medicine in Philippines, due to its affordable fees and English medium of instructions, cost of studying MBBS in the country for Indian students and life of Indian MBBS students in the country is easy. The Davao Medical School Foundation offers world-class faculty and excellent clinical exposure to all international students.
The six-year MBBS program at DMSF is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Hence Philippines medical degree is valid in India, making it an ideal choice for Indian students. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of medicine, covering all aspects of the medical profession, including basic sciences, clinical medicine, and community medicine.
One of the significant advantages of studying at DMSF is the affordable tuition fees. The cost of studying medicine in India is significantly higher than MBBS in Philippines for Indian students' fees, making DMSF an attractive option for Indian students looking for a quality education at a reasonable MBBS abroad medical study fees in Philippines. The low cost of living in Philippines is also a significant advantage for Indian students; students can manage easily under INR 20,000 per month which is comparatively very low against cost of living in other countries.
DMSF provides students with excellent clinical exposure, which is a crucial aspect of medical education. Students get to work with some of the best doctors and healthcare professionals in Philippines, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of medical practices and procedures. This exposure to clinical medicine enables students to develop the necessary skills and confidence to practice medicine effectively.
Upon completion of the MBBS program at Davao Medical School Foundation, Indian students can return to India and apply for a license to practice medicine after completing the necessary formalities with the National Medical Commission (NMC). The Medicine degree obtained from DMSF is equivalent to an MBBS degree obtained in India, which means that Indian students do not face any difficulty in obtaining a license to practice medicine in India.

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD)

The University Of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) is a globally recognized medical college in Philippines that provides an exceptional MBBS course to individuals from all over the world. The university's primary focus is on achieving "Academic Excellence" and producing "World Top Professionals" in various fields. It's the ideal destination for individuals seeking exceptional education, innovation, creativity, hospitality, and discovery.
The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) was established in 1975 and has since become one of the most respected MBBS universities in Philippines. It has three major campuses located in Las Pinas, Molino, and Calamba. The university has been granted AUTONOMOUS STATUS by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in Philippines. This status recognizes the university's excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement.
UPHSD is a co-educational institution that boasts a student body of over 20,000 individuals and is supported by more than 1000 faculty and support staff. This is of the best medical colleges in Philippines committed to providing its students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen fields. The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced, with many of them holding advanced degrees from prestigious universities around the world.

Our Lady of Fatima University (Fatima Medical Science Foundation)

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), formerly known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc., is an esteemed higher education institution in Philippines. It has built its reputation through its exceptional allied medical sciences programs for study medicine in Philippines, as well as its Basic Education units, including Pre-School, Grade school, and Junior and Senior High School. OLFU offers a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees. OLFU was established in 1967, and originated from Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, which had become the primary provider of medical and health care services for Valenzuela.
Although Fatima University initially focused mainly on medical and allied health studies, the college diversified in the 1990s and started offering programs in computer science, maritime education, education, psychology, biology, tourism, and business.
Fatima University has achieved numerous accreditations from various institutions. Programs offered by the Fatima College of Physical Therapy, Fatima College of Pharmacy, Fatima College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Fatima College of Nursing, and Fatima College of Dental Medicine are accredited by the Philippine Association of and Universities-Commission on Accreditation. The Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities- AAI also accredited Fatima's Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences.
The Fatima College of Medicine is one of the NMC approved MBBS universities in Philippines and is accredited by the New York State Education Department and the Illinois State Board of Education. It is listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools and is accredited by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges. Furthermore, it is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to administer the Title IV Program. Hence this is one of the best MBBS colleges in Philippines for joining MBBS abroad.
OLFU has six campuses located in Valenzuela City and Quezon City in Metro Manila, Antipolo in Rizal, San Fernando City in Pampanga, Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija, and Santa Rosa City in Laguna, which have all contributed to the university's growth and development.

Emilio Aguinaldo College Of Medicine

Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine is a leading medical college in Philippines established in the year 1957. This MBBS College is located in Manila, offering world-class MBBS courses for international students. Governed by the Yaman Lahi Foundation Incorporated, the college boasts its own hospitals on both Cavite and Manila campuses, providing students with hands-on clinical training from experienced professionals.
This is of the best medical college in Philippines which has affiliations with many other esteemed teaching and training hospitals such as the University of Philippines - Philippine General Hospital (UP - PGH), Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC), and the corporate-owned Emilio Aguinaldo College Medical Center - Cavite. This enriches students' learning experiences by offering them the best possible practical experience. The college also conducts community rotations in Pasay City.
Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine is an integral part of EAC, dedicated to providing exceptional medical education to aspiring doctors. As one of the top medical colleges in Philippines, it has earned accreditations from renowned global medical organizations such as the National Medical Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO).
The college offers a comprehensive 5 and ½ year-long MBBS program in Philippines, taught exclusively in English – making it an ideal choice for Indian students. With affordable tuition fees averaging around Rs. 4 lacks per year, Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine presents a high-quality, yet cost-effective option for pursuing medical education abroad.

Lyceum-Northwestern University

Lyceum-Northwestern University (L-NU) is a private higher education institution located in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines. It was founded in 1969 as the Lyceum Northwestern Colleges, Inc. and was later granted university status in 2010.
L-NU offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, including medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, allied health sciences, education, business, law, and engineering. The university has several colleges, including the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Business Administration and Accountancy, and College of Engineering.
Lyceum-Northwestern University offers a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program for international students in Philippines, including Indian students who are interested in pursuing a medical degree in the country.
The MBBS course at Lyceum-Northwestern University is a 5-year program that focuses on providing students with a comprehensive education in the medical sciences, including both theoretical and practical training. The MBBS curriculum of Lyceum-Northwestern University is designed to meet international standards and is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Lyceum-Northwestern University is a highly-regarded medical education institution in Philippines. It has been providing quality education for more than 85 years and has produced over 22,000 medical professionals. The university is home to a highly qualified and trained teaching staff, prestigious researchers, and world-renowned physicians, who provide a world-class education to students.
Lyceum-Northwestern University has 52 departments and more than 25 active clinics in the city, where MBBS students in Philippines in this college can gain clinical skills and experience. Currently, the university has more than 350 teaching staff, including 86 Doctors of Medicine and 212 Candidates of Medicine.
As of today, Lyceum-Northwestern University has around 2,800 students, including foreign students, who are pursuing their medical education at the university. The university is committed to providing quality education and preparing its students for successful careers in the medical field.

Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation

Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF) is a private higher education institution located in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines. It was founded in 1951 by the late Bishop Cesar Maria Guerrero, and was later granted university status in 2003.
The College of Medicine Campus at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation spans 19 hectares of land in the urban area of San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines. The campus comprises multi-story buildings, each designated for specific purposes. The VMUF Medical College includes a state-of-the-art laboratory section, equipped with all necessary facilities. VMUF medical college in Philippines is recognized as one of the top medical schools in Philippines. The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in the medical sciences, including both theoretical and practical training. The university has a modern teaching hospital, the Virgen Milagrosa Medical Center, where students can gain clinical experience and develop their skills under the guidance of experienced medical professionals.
VMUF College of Medicine provides neat and clean hostel facilities for students, with separate facilities for girls and boys on the college campus. The hostel includes canteen and mess facilities, air-conditioned rooms with comfortable bedding arrangements, and study facilities. It has clean bathrooms and water facilities, hygienic food, and homely comfort. For Indian MBBS students in Philippines in this college, the provision of microwaves and stoves for cooking, with Indian foods are also available. Thus Indian medical students can enjoy Indian food in Philippines.
The Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation College of Medicine is affiliated with the Virgen Milagrosa Hospital, which is a 400-bedded hospital attached to the campus. This hospital specializes in neuro diseases and provides high-quality medical services. The hospital has been providing medical care for the surrounding areas and is visited by 300 outpatients daily. Students at VMUF have the opportunity to develop their practical skills at this center.

Liceo de Cagayan University

Liceo de Cagayan University is a private higher education institution located in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. It was founded in 1955 and offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study, including Business, Engineering, Education, Arts and Sciences, Law, Information Technology, and Medicine.
The university's College of Medicine is one of the top medical colleges in Philippines, offering a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program that provides a comprehensive and integrated medical curriculum. The college is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and simulation centers, to ensure that students receive high-quality education and training.
Liceo de Cagayan University - College of Medicine strives to be at the forefront of medical education in Philippines by producing culturally aware and competent MBBS students who are well-equipped with the necessary skills and possess a strong desire to continually improve their knowledge, wisdom, integrity, and compassion.
The MBBS course at Liceo College of Medicine follows a Discipline-based Approach, utilizing the best teaching and learning strategies on basic sciences with clinical applications, as well as clinical sciences with basic sciences correlations. The curriculum is structured using the Spiral Model, which covers four years of academic and clinical training. The fourth-year level is dedicated to a 12-month clerkship program to provide students with practical experience.
In addition to its academic programs, Liceo de Cagayan University also offers a range of extracurricular activities and student organizations, including sports teams, cultural groups, and academic clubs. The university is committed to providing a holistic learning experience to its students, nurturing their intellectual, social, and personal growth.

Brokenshire School of Medicine

The Brokenshire School of Medicine is a private medical school situated in Davao City, Philippines, which was established in 1954 by the Education Ministry of the United Church of Christ. It is one of the best medical colleges in Philippines and is affiliated with the Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, a tertiary hospital that provides medical services to the local community. The school offers a 4-year medical program leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD), which is recognized by the Philippine government and other international organizations.
The curriculum of the Brokenshire School of Medicine is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the basic medical sciences, as well as the clinical skills and knowledge necessary for the practice of medicine. This MBBS School in Philippines uses a combination of traditional classroom instruction, clinical rotations, and hands-on training to help students develop the skills they need to become competent and compassionate physicians.
The Brokenshire School of Medicine is a leading MBBS college in the country committed to providing high-quality medical education and affordable MBBS course fees in Philippines to make it accessible to students from all countries including the Indian medical students looking to do MBBS abroad Philippines. It offers a range of scholarships and financial aid programs to help students cover the cost of tuition and other expenses. The school also has a strong emphasis on community service and encourages its students to become involved in outreach programs that provide medical care to underserved populations.

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Q1 - What is the role of the FMGE exam to practice in India?

A 1- The National Board of Examination administers the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam, which provides medical practice licenses. FMGE is mandatory for individuals who have completed their medical education from MCI/NMC approved medical colleges outside India and wish to practice medicine in India.

Q2- Is there any other way to get an MBBS in Philippines degree without NMAT?

A2 - The NMAT exam is conducted 1.5 years after admission. To be eligible for admission to MBBS course in Philippines, students must pass this exam. Once students pass the NMAT exam in Philippines, they can obtain an MBBS degree from a medical college in Philippines.

Q3-What happens if someone fails the NMAT exam in Philippines?

A3-If a student fails the NMAT exam, they may appear for it again.

Q4-What are the top universities in Philippines?

A4- You can check our website list of top MBBS universities in Philippines; alternatively you can connect with our counselor through chat.

Q5-What are the admission requirements for universities in Philippines?

A5- The admission requirements for universities in Philippines may vary depending on the institution and the program of study. Generally, international students are required to submit academic transcripts, test scores, application forms, and a student visa.

Q6-How do I apply for admission to universities in Philippines?

A6- Philippines MBBS courses are easy to apply for; our students' counselor will help you take admission in MBBS in Philippines. Philippines MBBS admission is offered with very less paperwork and easy transfers.

Q7-What are the tuition fees for universities in Philippines?

A7- The total cost of MBBS in Philippines may vary depending on the institution and the program of study. Generally, Philippines MBBS course fees for Indian students in Philippines range from 15 Lacks to 24 Lacks for 5 years. For the latest update on MBBS in Philippines 2023 fees for Indian students please contact us.

Q8-How long does it take to complete an MBBS degree in Philippines?

A8- The duration of a degree program in Philippines may vary depending on the program of study. Generally, MBBS degree programs in Philippines take 5 years to complete, while master's degree programs take 1-2 years.

Q9-What are the visa requirements for studying in Philippines?

A9- International students are required to obtain a student visa to study in Philippines. We help students file all the documents correctly in the embassy and release visa for Philippines.

Q10-What are the language requirements for studying in Philippines?

A10- All International students should have proficiency in English language to be able to study and communicate with the local residents.

Q11-What are the scholarship opportunities for studying in Philippines?

A11- There are scholarship opportunities available for international students studying in Philippines.

Q12-What are the housing options for international students in Philippines?

A12- MBBS universities in Philippines offer on-campus dormitories or shared room. We also assist in finding affordable stays in Philippines for off-campus accommodations.

Q13-Can I work part-time while studying in Philippines?

A13- Indian students can work part-time in Philippines while studying with a student visa. However, there are restrictions on the number of hours per week that international students can work.

Q14-What is the cost of living in Philippines for international students?

A14- The cost of living in Philippines is affordable for Indian students. In the major locations, students can manage monthly living costs between INR 15000 to INR 25000

Q15-What are the safety and security concerns in Philippines for international students?

A15- Philippines is a secular and safe country, hence Indian students in Philippines can live peacefully.

Q16-How do I obtain medical insurance while studying in Philippines?

A16- Indian students in Philippines can obtain medical insurance through University. Our counselor will help you guide the process of application for medical insurance.

Q17-What are the opportunities for internships and practical training in Philippines?

A17- All international students including MBBS Indian students in Philippines get ample opportunities for internships and practical training in medicine in university hospitals and clinics

Q18-What is the minimum percentage needed in the 12th class for MBBS in Philippines, what is the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Philippines for Indian students 2023?

A18-For the general category, the minimum percentage required in the 12th class examination is 50%. For OBC/SC/ST, the minimum percentage required is 40%.

Q19-In case the admission is canceled, is there a chance of a refund?

A19-The refund of fees is depends on the policy of universities.

Q20-What is the reputation of medical colleges in Philippines?

A20-Philippines has some of the top medical colleges in the world. The MBBS degree from Philippines is accredited by all major countries.

Q21- Is Philippines medical degree valid in India?

A-21 Philippines medical degree taken from accredited MBBS colleges by NMC in Philippines is valid and recognized.

Q22- Is MBBS in Philippines affordable?

A22- MBBS in Philippines is much cheaper than in other European and US countries. For more information on MBBS in Philippines 2023 fees for Indian students, please connect with our counselors. Our counselor will help you with any information related to Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students 2023

Q23- Is it necessary to qualify NEET?

A23- It is mandatory for Indian students to have cleared the NEET examination to secure admission in MBBS universities in Philippines.

Q24- What degree is awarded in Philippines to medical students?

A24- In Philippines, medical students are awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) upon completion of their medical education program. The MBBS degree offered by medical colleges in Philippines is accredited by globally recognized institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Q25- Is an MBBS degree from Philippines valid in USA and UK?

A25- Yes MBBS degree from Philippines are accredited by all major international medical bodies, hence it is valid in USA and UK.

Q26 - When does MBBS admission start in Philippines?

A 26- The MBBS admission application ends in December and August every year. MBBS abroad Philippines aspirants must apply before the deadline.

Q 27- I will be appearing for 10+2 exams this year, can I apply before the result is released?

A 27- Yes, you can reserve the MBBS seat in Philippines before your 10+2 result is declared.

Q 28 - I do not have a passport, do I need to apply passport before taking admission?

A 28- Passport is one of the documents required for submission of information to the medical colleges in Philippines. Candidate must apply beforehand if looking for MBBS abroad from Philippines.

Q 29 - Can I get Indian food in Philippines?

A 29- Yes, university hostels also provide Indian food in mess. Students living outside campus can either cook Indian food or can visit local Indian restaurant in Philippines.

Q 30- Is it mandatory to clear MCI /NMC test if I am graduated from Philippines MBBS colleges?

A30- Yes, it is mandatory for Indian medical graduates who have completed their MBBS degree from Philippines to clear the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Medical Commission (NMC) in order to practice medicine in India. The FMGE test evaluates the candidate's medical knowledge and skills to ensure that they meet the standards set by the NMC.

Q31 - What is FMGE?

A 31- FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. It is a screening test conducted by the National Medical Commission (NMC) for Indian medical graduates who have completed their medical education from a foreign university or medical college. The purpose of the FMGE test is to evaluate the medical knowledge and clinical skills of the candidates and ensure that they meet the minimum standards required for medical practice in India. The FMGE test is conducted twice a year in June and December, and candidates who pass the exam are awarded provisional or permanent medical registration by the NMC.

Q 32- Can I do MBBS in Philippines without NEET?

A32 - No, it is mandatory for Indian students to clear the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) in order to pursue MBBS in Philippines. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has made it mandatory for Indian students to qualify NEET to be eligible to pursue medical studies in foreign universities, including Philippines. NEET

FMGE/MCI Passing Percentage of MBBS in Philippines - (36) %
S.NoPeriodAppearedPassPass %
1 2012-2014 431 106 24.59 %
2 2015 - 2018 1421 370 26.03 %
3 2019 1460 733 50.2 %
4 2020 3142 1059 33.7 %
5 2021 5443 2019 37.09 %
 Total 11897 4287  
SOURCE :- natboard.edu.in
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