Australian Medical Council (AMC)

Australian Medical Council

Steps to Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam

  • The AMC exam helps you become a registered doctor in Australia. 
  • Australia offers several opportunities to Doctors and medical professionals around the globe. 
  • There are 6 steps to becoming a doctor in Australia via passing the AMC exam. 
  • Skill assessment and Expression of Interest are two important parts of the process. 

A Doctor is one of the most esteemed and notable professions in the world. However, in some countries, doctors are given more privileges and importance than others. One such country is Australia, where the need for doctors is heightened, and the benefits offered to doctors are outstanding. To become a doctor in Australia, you need to clear the Australian Medical Council exam conducted by the Australian Medical Council. So if you are interested in this career opportunity, it is important for you to understand the steps involved in migrating to Australia as a doctor. This article is your complete guide to the steps involved in giving the AMC exam and migrating to Australia for better opportunities as a doctor.

About the AMC Exam

The AMC exam comprises two exams- AMC 1 and AMC 2. The first exam, or AMC 1, is also called AMC MCQ exam miles. It is an MCQ-based exam, which can be cleared on the first attempt with adequate practice and study. 

Who can give the AMC Exam?

You are eligible to give the AMC exam if you are a certified doctor in your home country or any other country. You must have completed your MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master of Science) or any such relevant degree. Only after completing your Bachelors’s or Master’s in Doctoral Sciences, you can give the AMC exam. 

Why Australia?

People often think, about why they should migrate to Australia when there are several countries such as Canada, Germany etc which give quick PR to the migrants. Here, we must tell you that quick PR is not prominent, but a good job with multiple benefits and amazing salaries is. Below are a few reasons why you must prefer Australia over other countries for advancement in your medical career. 

  • 200000 Visa
  • 10,000 Job Vacancies
  • Job and Residential Benefits
  • Quick PR Opportunities
  • $380,000- $400,000 Average Salaries, and more. 

Australian Medical Council

Steps Involved in AMC Exam

So what is the procedure to enrol for and give the AMC medical exam, and finally, get an Australian Visa? Mentioned below is the complete procedure in detail, which will help you get a hold of all the processes. 

  1. Doc evaluation 

The first step is allowing the Australian government and migrating authorities to check your eligibility to migrate to Australia as a doctor. Here, the authorities check your documents, confirm whether they are original and authentic or not and decide whether your application is genuine or fake. 

There are several cases of fake applications, and thus, you must ensure that your application is full-proof with all genuine documents applied to it. The documents that you have to submit include- 

  1. Degree- Your MBBS, MD, MS or any other degree in the medical or science field. 
  2. Transcript- The official document your University/College issued, stating that you have cleared the course. 
  3. Work Experience- Experience letters and Letters of Recommendation from the organisations that you have worked with. 
  4. Valid Passport- A passport that is not expired or tainted, and is completely valid. 
  5. Govt ID Proof- The ID proof which is solid proof in your home country (such as a Driving Licence, Adhaar Card, Pan Card etc in the case of India.) 
  6. Passport-Sized Photo- 2 or 3 clear and professional passport-sized photographs. 
  7. Medical Registration Certificate- The certificate that claims that you are eligible to practice as a doctor in your home country or any other country. 

In case one or more documents are not clear or incorrect, the authorities will inform you about the discrepancy, and ask you to send more documents as per requirement. The government charges AUD 1,000 for the document verification process. 

Ensure to show maximum levels of carefulness while sending the documents to ensure your document evaluation gets approved in the first go. 

  1. AMC -1 Exam

The next step after you receive approval on your document evaluation is the AMC Exam. The first part of the exam is in the form of MCQs. You have to apply for the exam online, and you will get an authorisation to schedule your exam anytime in the next 12 months. The exam is conducted several times a year, and you can check out the AMC exam dates on the AMC official website  Australian Medical Council

  1. English Assessment 

One important step in the process is proving your English proficiency, which often people take lightly. The Australian government accepts several exam results such as IELTS, PTE, OET, etc. You can prepare for these exams, get results and attach reports to prove your expertise in English for an Australian visa. The minimum requirement is a 7 band in IELTS or a score of 65 or above in PTE. 

  1. AMC-2 Exam

The second part of the AMC exam is the Clinical exam, which assesses the individual’s expertise in multidisciplinary studies. It is a written test, which you can give only after qualifying the first exam. 

  1. Job Placement

The next step, and a very important one, is finding a good job. You can either do it from your home country or migrate to Australia and then start searching for a job. However, once you clear the exam, you get a guarantee of job placement. 

If you partner with Academically, we offer job assistance as a part of our package for the AMC Australia exam

  1. Visa 

The step of applying for a Visa can come either after or before job placement. However, getting a work visa becomes easy if you have a job with a registered Australian firm or hospital beforehand. You need to apply for a work visa online, and the fee for the same is around AUD 300. Currently, several Australian states such as New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia etc are offering work visas in huge amounts to skilled doctors. 

Expression of Interest 

An important document that largely decides your career and future in Australia is the Expression of Interest. You can fill up this application in the best possible manner, with your preferences in terms of the places you wish to reside. This document is valid only for PR Visa 190, 186, and 189. 

You have to fill out this application and submit it to the authorities while applying for Visa. Based on your EoI, you can chance to get a PR visa in your preferred state in Australia. 


The steps to give and clear the AMC exam and receive a visa might look simple, but there are several complexities hidden in this procedure. It often becomes difficult to do this all without the support and guidance of experts, especially if you are applying for the first time. 

Academically is an AMC Academy, that has thus curated an outstanding course for doctors around the world, who wish to crack the AMC exam and migrate to Australia easily. The AMC course Academically helps you clear the exam on the first attempt. Also, our placement support and other assistance help you with all the input you need to get the process completed easily. 

Consult with our experts today to find out more about this amazing opportunity! 


Q- Who conducts the AMC exam?

Ans- The Australian Medical Council is responsible for conducting the AMC exam. 

Q- Who is eligible for the AMC exam?

Ans- Any registered doctor who has done a bachelor’s, master’s or any other course in the doctoral or science field can give the AMC exam. 

Q- Is it hard to pass the AMC exam?

Ans- There are questions and parts in the AMC exam, which are quite difficult. However, with proper guidance and expert support, you can pass the AMC exam easily. Consult with the mentors of Academically to know more about the exam. 

Q- How many parts are there in the AMC exam?

Ans- There are two parts of the AMC exam- the AMC MCQ Miles and the Clinical Exam.

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