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University of Florence

The origins of the University of Florence date back to the Studium Generale set up by the Florentine Republic in 1321. The subjects taught were Civil and Canon Law, Literature, and Medicine. There have been illustrious scholars such as Giovanni Boccaccio, who lectured on the Divina Commedia. The course catalog was drawn up by professor Giovanni de' Dolci in 1418, which marked the birth of modern-style public universities that served as a model for all of Europe.

The history of the University goes back to the fourteenth century when it was founded as a Studium Generale based on a decree by Cardinal Bishop James, who was the Chancellor of Florence at the time. Teaching first began in guilds throughout the city, which were called Studio Fiorentino. In 1321, the city officially established the Studium Generale with a three-year curriculum in law, medicine, and theology; this is when teaching also moved from guilds to lecture halls that were housed near Santa Maria Novella's Church. Recognized as an Imperial University in 1364, the University of Florence is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Italy. It was attended by many famous scholars and scientists, including Galileo and Machiavelli.

However, the importance of the Studium was fully recognized with a Bull by Popo Clemente VI in 1349, in which he officially authorized the Studium to grant regular degrees, extended the Privilegia maxima, and established that the first Italian Faculty of Theology would be in Florence. In 1364, with Emperor Carlo VII, the Florentine Studium became an Imperial University. The current campus of Francesco Moricotti's 1823-built Palazzo Dei Pupilli is found near Santa Maria Novella and Dolceacqua (Palazzo dei Pupilli). In 1859, when Grand Duke Leopold II accepted to divide among various private teachers the teaching activities that he himself previously conducted. In 1923, with a special Act of Parliament, the Scuola officially denominated a University. Later, the new University was organized into several faculties: Agriculture, Architecture and Arts, Economics, Education, Law, Mathematics and Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, and Pharmacy. The Faculty of Engineering, where 2-year courses had been offered since 1928, was added to the 10 faculties in 1970.

Being the most prestigious Italian public university. The University is a state-supported center for teaching and research located in the city of Florence and represents an important pole of excellence within the national and European academic landscape. The University is a young and innovative institution, which has significantly contributed to the success of its students: it boasts a long history of excellence combined with a forward-looking orientation.

  • 10+2 passing percentage to be above 50 % in PCB.
  • NEET Qualification is obligatory.
  • Course Duration: 6 years
  • Program Language: English (TOEFL & IELTS mandatory)
  • Tuition fees:
  • Awarded qualification: Medical Doctor (MD) 
  • University Recognition: NMC and WHO Approved

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  • Application form (Coordinate your respective counselor for the same)
  • Birth Certificate
  • 10th Marksheet
  • 12th Marksheet
  • 5 latest passport size photographs
  • Passport (Original & Scan Copy)
  • Bank Statement
  • Send your application and all required documents to your coordinative counselor.

In case of any questions regarding the admission procedures, please contact us at our toll-free number:1800- 270- 8009

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  • The University of Florence ranking in the world: 632
  • The University of Florence ranking in the country: 12
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