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The University of Messina was founded in 1548 and has an ancient tradition going back more than 500 years.  But today it is a particularly young university that is constantly projecting itself into the future. In the most recent national evaluation of research quality, UniME was voted as having demonstrated the best performance.  Additionally, the number of enrolments has been constantly increasing since 2015. Furthermore, UniME currently ranks as the second Southern University for its quality of teaching.

Internationalization programmes are at the centre of the UniME development policy.  Today the University welcomes students from 27 foreign countries as well as numerous visiting professors and visiting researchers. This is a  natural vocation for UniME because of its location.

Messina, a city of 240,000 inhabitants at the centre of the Mediterranean, facing the Strait of Messina, has always been a place of meeting and interaction between diverse cultures.  Here hospitality is an important cultural value.  It is a modern city that takes its energy from the sea that surrounds it.  Today, it is one of the most popular Italian cruise ship stops.

The union of these elements makes studying at the University of Messina a unique experience.   Facilities, services and an ample educational offering allow students to follow paths of excellence  (some of which are entirely in English) in a context where cultural enrichment and entertainment are assured.

Tradition and innovation intermingle in the four different areas where the 12 departments of UniME are located: one can find libraries that contain ancient texts, and at the same time find cutting edge libraries and a sports center that takes up 135,000 square meters.  We never get tired of growing, so for this reason we are ready to welcome you in the very best way.

Programme overview 
Huge volumes of heterogeneous data are continuously being generated by people and computer systems in the rapidly evolving modern world. This data, commonly referred to as “Big Data”, needs to be properly processed. The Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science will produce data scientists whose solid technical background is complemented by a multidisciplinary preparation in various fields where Big Data is present. Data scientists are in high demand by Industry 4.0, consulting companies and public institutions. Data scientists are needed to design and implement computer systems able to store, manage and analyse Big Data, as well as provide managers and stakeholders with a clear report of their results so that they can make critical decisions. Furthermore, this degree entitles graduates to participate in engineering licensing exams to work as engineers. 
Skills acquired in this programme include: 
  • design and development of complex and innovative Cloud/Edge/Fog computing and Internet of Things (IoT) systems able to store and manage Big Data; 
  • experimental design and development of complex Big Data analytics algorithms b a s e d on the most recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques including Machine Learning and Deep Learning; 
  • capacity of adaption to any inter-disciplinary working environment that requires data science expertise.
Minimal entry requirements
An Italian secondary school diploma or a certified foreign equivalent demonstrating 12 years of study is required.
Language requirements
B1 in the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages is required. 
Candidates who have earned a degree taught in English or come from countries whose official language is English do not need a certificate of English language competence.
Study programme
The Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science belongs to the
classification of the Computer Science degree (L-31).
3 years
  • Calculus
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Mathematics for data analysis
  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer networks
  • Operative systems
  • Database
  • Software engineering
  • Cloud computing
  • System security
  • Statistical methods and models
  • Web programming
  • Data mining & analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Enterprise internship
  • Thesis
International opportunities
UniME students have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Mobility programme both for study and training. Calls are published on the site twice per year. Another opportunity for students is the UniME Funded programme “Students Around the World” (SAW) call for scholarships for study at the extra-European universities in the context of international cooperation agreements. For further information please visit our site.
Tuition fees
Tution FeeTution Fee Per YearTotal Tution Fee
EUR € 750 2250
Course Duration : 3 Years   

Casa UNIME programme

The “Casa Unime” programme is an innovative initiative  that assists qualified students, enroled at UniME who out of Messina with their rent payment.  UniME  distributed 1.8 million euros over the last three years for this purpose.

Students residing in other municipalities in Italy and abroad who have a registered 10 month (or more) rental contract in the Municipality of Messina may apply. Every year, UniME awards 350,000 euros to students who qualify.

The winners will receive reimbursement of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for their rent per year, on the basis of the personal / family income.

For further information, visit “Servizi UniME“.

ERSU scholarship

Further scholarships are offered by the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education (ERSU).
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the personal / family income of the applicant. ERSU publishes a yearly call for appications for scholarships, free accomodation, meals, international mobility and awards for high achievements
A copy of High School diploma (for enrolment to Bachelor’s degree/Single Cycle Degree programmes) or Bachelor’s Degree (for enrolment to a Master’s Degree/Vocational Master’s Degree) issued in English or translated into Italian, legalized and accompanied by the Declaration of Value (DoV)  issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic/Consular Authorities or a declaration/statement of the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre (CIMEA). Please make sure either of this document states that the qualification is suitable for admittance to further studies in the country where it was issued and that it also states the number of school years prior to university enrolment.
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Visa (non EU-students)
  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Copy of Italian language certificate (for programmes taught in Italian only) if the test of Italian language has not been taken at UniME
  • “Codice fiscale” issued by the Italian Diplomatic/Consular Authorities (if available)
It is desiderable that students come with a scanned copy of the abovementioned documents.

The Unit guarantees the implementation of the University programmes for the right to study, the promotion and development of student services, with opportunities and facilities in sectors other than study, to better enjoy university life. It deals with tuition fees reimbursement applications, the administrative management of part-time collaborations. The Unit also has the task of managing the process relating to contributions for the rent (CASA Unime Programme).


  • Tuition fees reimbursement applications: The students can request a reimbursement for tuition fees not owed or paid twice.
  • Casa Unime Programme: The “Casa Unime” programme is an innovative initiative that assists qualified students, enrolled at UniME who out of Messina with their rent payment. Students residing in other municipalities in Italy and abroad who have a registered 10 month (or more) rental contract in the Municipality of Messina may apply. The winners will receive reimbursement of up to a maximum of 2,000 euros for their rent per year, on the basis of the personal / family income.
  • Part-time Collaborations: Each year, the University offers its students the opportunity to work part time for its various administrative structures. Various selection procedures are open to students wishing to apply for different posts.

Living in a student residence hall provides students with a good living situation, close to other students, as well as being near the University.

Since the number of rooms for foreign students and visitors is limited, assignment of rooms is subject to availability.

University Residences are located at:

  • ERSU Annunziata Campus  – Contrada Battaglia, SS. Annunziata
  • ERSU Papardo Campus – Contrada Papardo, Ganzirri 
  • UniME Sport Centre  SS. Annunziata               

For further housing options, the Erasmus Students Network (ESN), an association of former Erasmus students, can help you to find the right private accommodation in Messina. ESN provides regularly updated lists of private flats and houses and helps students in their search: Messina ESN accomodation.

For the a.y. 2021/2022, it is possible to complete enrolment on the ESSE3 portal, by entering the required documentation (qualification accompanied by a declaration of value / certification issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC Centre – CIMEA; entry visa for study purposes / residence permit; payment of university fees, as established in the single document of the student contribution for the a.y. 2021-202 (prot. n. 134737 of 03 November 2021), by 28 February 2022 without the payment of any arrears.

Those who have already enrolled on the ESSE3 platform, but are still awaiting the issuance of an entry visa by the diplomatic / consular Missions, are authorized to take the exams in the sessions of January and February 2022 (first semester A.Y. 2021/2022) upon payment of the regional tax and stamp duty for a total of 156 euros (the so-called fixed amount of the student fee).

In the event of a subsequent visa denial by the Italian diplomatic and consular authorities, the student will not be able to enter the Italian territory and apply for a residence permit and complete enrolment. The University, therefore, undertakes to issue a certificate of the educational path and credits obtained, which can be recognized both in the case of enrolment in the following year, and in the case of enrolment in other national or international Higher Education Institutions. In the event of a visa issuance, the University also undertakes to maintain enrolment in the initially selected educational path.

Registration Fee
Rs. 0
Admission Fee
Rs. 0
Visa Fee
Rs. 0
Travel Fee
Rs. 0

Total BMU Processing Fee : - Rs. 0 + GST

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UniME is currently listed among the top Universities in the world by some of the major international rankings.


Our University was ranked for the first time in the 351-400 range for Medicine (in 14th place among Italians) of the prestigious QS ranking and consolidates last year’s result for the “Life Sciences & Medicine” macro-area, which also includes Chemistry 551-600 (17th place in Italy) and Biological Sciences which obtained position 601-640 (25th place).

QS World University Rankings 2022

The University of Messina ranks in the 801-1000 range for the QS World University Rankings 2022, among the top 500 universities for the quality of research, with a 32nd position at national level. The QS ranking, in addition to the quality of the research, takes into consideration the University reputation, detected through an academic survey and a corporate survey, as well as internationalization.

2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities

The University of Messina is ranked in the 701-800 position, gaining a higher classification than last year, in the prestigious ranking of the Academic Ranking of World Universities, considered one of the three most important on the international scene along with QS and THE.

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022

After the 85th position in the world awarded for Objective 3 ‘Health and well-being’ in the THE Impact Ranking, the University of Messina confirms its position in the 501-600 range of the Times Higher Education – World University Rankings 2022 ranking out of over 1662 published universities. UniMe is also 25th among the 51 ranked Italian universities.

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