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Address : Dhaka - Rangpur Hwy, Gokul 5800, Bangladesh , Bangladesh

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TMSS came into existence for the well being of unprivileged, discriminated, neglected, exploited and oppressed people. Medical facility is the most important one among the basic human needs. Access to good medical treatment by the neglected and unprivileged people has become dearth now. TMSS had long felt the need of adding a Medical College to the many educational and social welfare institutions through which, over the years it has served the country. TMSS Medical College (TMC) has been established in the year 2008 as a constituent program of TMSS to build a strong health service provider.

Despite three decade’s continuous endeavors of thousands of renowned NGOs for the country’s grassroots level comprehensive development, the achievement of the NGOs appeared to many of the Economist as truffle and negligible because lack of backward & forward linkage and scope. TMSS is not for profit organization and the philosophy of this organization is philanthropist.

In order to address the problems in achieving the aim of TMSS and to solidify the main philosophy, the noble commitment which TMSS made to contribute its efforts in Health Sector through establishment and operation of three Medical Technology Institutes, one Nursing College, Three Medical Assistant Training School, two Community Paramedic Institutes, One Ayurvedic Unani Medical College & Hospital and TMSS Medical College have been approved by the Government. Because of this we are expressing our gratitude to the Government and thankfulness to the Almighty Allah.

Education is the most important component for the development of the human being-the best among the entire creation. In the present time many have considered Education as business where TMSS is the exception. Keeping the fluency and sustainability of education the all-out enc1eavours of TMSS is mainly concerned only to the enhancement of quality & standard of education. This will refrain the entrepreneurs from personal economic gains, rather the money could be used for the procurement of educational materials, building-up student and Teachers satisfaction. The satisfaction of service provider ensures achievement of quality and standard of service. Job satisfaction is favourable for institutional sustainability.

Study of Community Medicine will start from 1st Term and extend over six terms of six months each ( 31/2 years). In the first three terms (First Professional MBBS Course) Department of Community Medicine will offer 70 hours’ introductory course on concepts of Community Medicine, Behavioral Sciences and Biostatistics, which will be followed by comprehensive Community Medicine Course during 2nd Professional MBBS Course.

Course Description
Community Medicine is about a system of delivery of comprehensive health care (preventive, promotive, curative & rehabilitative) to the people by a health team in order to improve the health of the community. It deals with population or groups rather than individual patients. It is concerned with identification and assessment of health needs of the people, health problems affecting them and to devise appropriate measures (planning, organization, delivery and evaluation of health care services) to meet these requirements as best as possible with the available resources. Community Medicine is thus a bridge between public health and clinical medicine. Successful implementation of a community health program under the leadership of a doctor depends on the mutual co-operation among all grades of health personnels, social workers, community leaders connected with the program and the common team spirit exhibited by them.

Doctors should be prepared to build up an effective partnership for health. It has now been realized that medical education should include knowledge about behavioral science, for such knowledge will enable medical students to appreciate human behavior better and to understand how different cultures construct health & illness. This will prepare doctors to deal more effectively the diseases and human sufferings.

  • In 12th Class percentage should be 60%.
  • NEET Score must be for General Categories - 134 Marks & For Reserved Categories - 107 Marks
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TMSS Medical College (TMC) always gives preference to students’ affairs on priority basis. Since we believe that a peaceful, soothing lodging is an inevitable necessity especially for medical students, we have arranged well equipped accommodations for female students in two separate buildings. The multi-storied hostel is located on the bank of a pond inside in the campus while the girls’ one hostel is situated at main road side near college building. There are separate blocks having necessary rooms for foreign female students. Both the hostels are adequately furnished with articles needed for everyday living and entertainment. There are cook house with cooking stuffs, having one acquainted with continental recipe to provide the foreign students with foods they are habituated to, on the payroll of the College. Separate girls’ Hostel is under construction in the main campus.

  • 1 USD$ = 65 INR at time of calculation
  • Hostel are included in Tuition fee
  • Food at actual
Registration Fee
Rs. 25000
Admission Fee
Rs. 0
Visa Fee
Rs. 74000
Travel Fee
Rs. 0

Total BMU Processing Fee : - Rs. 99000 + GST

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