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Address : Wichmannstraße 7, 10787 Berlin, Germany , Germany

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Steinbeis University Berlin
Steinbeis University Berlin is a subsidiary of the globally active Steinbeis Foundation and is the largest private University in Germany. We offer top-tier, flexible study programs that are adaptable to your work, family, and social life. With the options to study either 100% online or hybrid (Study in Germany) and full- or part-time, it is possible to study alongside your job and personal commitments. This level of flexibility also allows you to begin studying from the comfort of your own home and come to Germany later to finish your studies at our Berlin campus.

For over 20 years, Steinbeis University has reflected Germany’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence as the country’s largest private, state-recognized university. Germany currently scored fourth in a survey by the Global Partnership for Education rating the best country for education in the world. This survey used a compilation of scores based on a variety of factors. Two of these factors include the overall education quality of the country in question and the number of students considering university attendance there.

Study at SMI's Berlin Campus
Although Steinbeis SMI is based in Germany, we are an international university providing all of our study programs in English. We welcome students from different countries around the world to complete their programs at our Berlin campus, so we understand that there are several important steps that must be taken before studies can commence.

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise and experience in the field of international education and student counselling and our alignment with relocation providers, we are equipped to advise our students on the intricacies of the moving country to study. Alongside our exclusive providers, we organize visa applications, open blocked bank accounts, arrange health insurance coverage and even assist in housing searches. At SMI, we want to take the pressure off our students to allow for a smooth and stress-free transition into their new life in Germany.

Join our Community and Enter the German Job Market
Berlin is a vastly expanding start-up hub, so by basing yourself here you give yourself a great chance of snatching up your dream job. By choosing to study at SMI, these odds will only increase.

Our network of more than 200 industry partners includes some of the biggest names in German business and innovation, like Daimler, Bosch, and Siemens – to name just a few. Executives from these companies regularly lecture in our classrooms, and in some instances, our students have been given the opportunity to participate in projects and even internships within their organizations. We have had many success stories, where former students of SMI have gone on to become highly valued employees at these highly respected companies.

It is important to note that – by moving to Berlin – your opportunities are not limited to education and career. Berlin boasts a large international community, making it easy to integrate quickly into your new home, and is also a well-known cultural mecca. With its various galleries and restaurants, and an infamous club scene, there is always something fun to do with all your new fellows and friends.
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