Lyceum-Northwestern University

Address : Tapuac District, Dagupan City, 2400 Ilocos Region Philippines , Philippines

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Lyceum-Northwestern University is a medical university which is located in Dagupan City, Philippines imparting MBBS education in Philippines. Founded by Dr. Francisco Quimson Duque and Mrs. Florencia Tiongson Duque in 1969. Lyceum Northwestern University has a long legacy of more than 50 years in providing quality schooling and MBBS educational excellence in South Asia. 

Lyceum-Northwestern University recognizes every student goals in diverse fields along with medicine, arts and technology, business education, criminology, architecture, law, engineering, and different vocational studies.

The university has a modern campus with more than 7000+ student studying in diverse fields including over 1800 foreign students. The university campus presents perfect comfortable environment to nurture the creativity of the student.

More than 250 Indian MBBS students are presently studying in the university. From accommodation to food, Indian students are completely taken care of at the university. Steady monitoring and assistance is always available which makes Indian students extremely comfortable at Lyceum Northwestern university campus. Healthy and tasty Indian food is provided to Indian students studying MBBS at Lyceum Northwestern University campus throughout the year. Hostel of boys and girls are separate. LNU take immense care in making its students comfortable so that they can focus more on their studies and do research any time.

Lyceum Northwestern University is known for nurturing world-class research scholars. The university has all variety of state-of-the-art technology the students would require to enhance their skills to an international level. Lyceum Northwestern University is one of the few universities in Philippines who have high end digital systems such as Anatomage table and Simulation Lab for students to train.

There may be an ever-growing big community of Indian MBBS students who have a look at our campus to realize their loved desires of turning into a medical doctor. Lyceum northwestern university is dedicated to creating our students turn out to be compassionate, knowledgeable, quite-capable physicians by providing them with hands-on clinical training and opportunities to hone their professional skills.

There is NO CAPITATION FEES or DONATION collected from our students. The cost of MBBS education, hostel and food combined are very low compared to other countries and is even lower than most private Indian institutions.

  • Candidate must have passed their 10+2(sr. secondary education) with minimum 50% marks with PCB from any recognized board.
  • Admission will be on the basis of the marks obtained in the entrance exam (NEET).
  • Cut Off (2020) :- 147 marks for general category, 113 for reserved category
BS Course1st Installment2nd Installment3rd InstallmentTotal
BS Course 1st Year and 4 Months 200000 200000 250000 650000
Total    650000 INR ₹
CourseTution Fee2nd InstallmentTotalTotal INR
MD Course 1st Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
MD Course 2nd Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
MD Course 3rd Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
MD Course 4th Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
Total   800000 PHP ₱ 1200000 INR
Total MD + BS Course: 1200000 + 650000 = 1850000 INR

Course1st Installment2nd InstallmentTotalTotal INR
MD Course 1st Year 200000 200000 400000 600000
MD Course 2nd Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
MD Course 3rd Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
MD Course 4th Year 100000 100000 200000 300000
Grand Total   1000000 PHP ₱ 1500000 INR

Admission to the Lyceum-Northwestern University may be granted to those students who present valid credentials and who meet the admission requirements and other conditions prescribed by the Admission Office in the University which they seek enrollment. Admission to the collegiate level of LNU, a student applicant should comply with the following documentary requirements:

  1. Freshman enrolling in college for the first time shall present, accomplish or submit the following:
    a. Senior High/High School Report Card (Form 138)
    b. Two (2) copies passport size picture
    c. One (1) Photocopy of Senior High School Diploma
    d. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Birth certificate
    e. One (1) Certificate of Good Moral Character
    f. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Marriage Contract (if applicable)
    g. One (1) Original Certificate of Residency (*for UNIFAST applicants only)

  2. Transferees and Second Degree shall conform to the requirements and conditions set by the college or academic department where they want to enroll and shall present the following:
    a. Transfer Credentials
    b. One (1) Certification of Grades
    c. One (1) Cert. of Good Moral Character
    d. Two (2) Passport Size Pictures
    e. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
    f. One (1) Photocopy of PSA Marriage Contract (if applicable)
    g. One (1) Original Certificate of Residency (*for transferees UNIFAST applicants only).

  3. Graduates from a degree program at L-NU who wish to enroll in another degree program are not required to submit enrollment documents since they are considered as old students.

  4. Shifters – student who may wish to transfer from one college to another within this University may submit a written request or petition during the enrolment period to the Dean or Head concerned for his approval and shall present the following:
    a. Fill out the shifter form from Academic Affairs Office.
    b. After accomplishing the form, present it to the
    c. Registrar’s Office for filing in their folder.
    d. Evaluation of Credits from previous program.

  5. Continuing Enrollment. Students previously enrolled in the college and desiring to continue their studies shall meet all the requirements for continuance of enrollment in the college or academic department concerned.

  6. Institute Graduate Program Studies
    a. Transfer Credentials
    b. Official Transcript of Records
    c. Certificate of Previous Grades (if-transferee for evaluation purpsoses)
  • Library: - The University has 2 libraries (General and Medical) on the university campus. The Medical Library has a large number of books, journals, international journals, and periodicals, etc. The libraries offer well-furnished, and air-conditioned reading rooms with a seating capacity of over 200 persons at a time.
  • Sports: - The university has both indoor and outdoor sports facilities on the campus like table tennis, basketball, volleyball, a 400-meter running track, tennis court, etc. The university is one of the members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • Labs: - The institute has a well-equipped lab on the campus with modern equipment and tools.
  • Computer lab: - The institute has a well-equipped computer lab on the campus with the latest computer machines and tools.
  • Gym: - The institute has a gym on the campus with modern machines and tools like dumbbells, treadmill.
The university has a hostel for students and faculty in which they are providing a well-furnished room with all the necessary amenities like bed, chair, mattress, air-conditioner, etc. Hostels are having a seating capacity of 1000 people at a time.

Some of the other important facts about the hostel are: -
  • University distance from Hostel: - The hostels are situated in the university itself.
  • Room occupancy info: - The hostels are available in only single, double, and triple occupancies in rooms. Students can choose one of them based on their needs, requirement, budget, and availability.
  • Basic Amenities: - All the rooms are well-furnished and centrally air-conditioned with all the necessary amenities like a bed, bed sheets, mattress, study table, refrigerator, visitor hall, study room, etc.
  • Laundry room info: - They have a single laundry room in each hostel.
  • Kitchen info: - Each floor is having a common kitchen in every hostel where students can cook their meals whenever they want.
  • Washroom and Toilet info: - All the rooms have the attached washroom and toilet.
  • Boy and Girl Division info: - Boys and girls hostels are separate.
  • Security info: - All the hostels are very safe and secure as they have security cameras in every hostel for student safety. Security staff is always there for the security of the students.
  • Indian Mess availability info: - Indian food is available in the mess in which they are providing healthy and nutritious food to students.
  • Gym info: - The university has a gym in the campus with modern machines and tools like dumbbells, treadmill, etc.
  • 1 INR = 0.76 Peso  at time of Calculation 
  • Food and Accommodation Excluded - 10,000 PESO/PM  
Registration Fee
Rs. 25000
Admission Fee
Rs. 0
Visa Fee
Rs. 74000
Travel Fee
Rs. 0

Total BMU Processing Fee : - Rs. 99000 + GST

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  • The university has ranked 162 in universities of Philippines by 4icu.
  • The university ranks 11657 in universities of the world by 4icu.
  • The university ranks 158 in universities of Philippines by Webometrics.
  • The university ranks 19778 in universities of Philippines by Webometrics.
S.NoPeriodAppearedPassPass %
1 2012-2014 0 0 0 %
2 2015 - 2018 23 11 47.83 %
3 2019 0 0 0 %
4 2020 0 0 0 %
5 2021 6 1 16.67 %
6 2022 8 3 37.5 %
7 2023 6 0 0 %
 Total 43 15  

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