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Address : Tole Bi Street 94, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan , Kazakhstan

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Kazakh National Medical UniversityKazakh National Medical University is a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It was established in 1931, and the first rector was S.D. Asfendiyarov. In 2001, the government classified it as a national university. MBBS degree from Kazakh National Medical University is recognized worldwide. The MBBS degree from Kazakh National Medical University is approved by MCI (Medical Council of India) and World health Organization (WHO). The rich history of 89 years, the main source of personnel the Kazakhstan of public health, Sanzhar Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical University-trained almost 80,000 doctors of different specialties, high-level professionals who contribute significantly to the protection of life and people health. Today from KazNMU, every third doctor of the country is graduated and this is the place where they got the basics of medical knowledge, kindness, and mercy.

In the history of education, medicine, and the country as a whole, this university is a milestone that goes with their traditions that have become the basics of professionalism. It is having a large medical fraternity, the connections of times and names, time for energy of scientists and teachers. The university builds its foundation on the basis of science, education, and practice by which they can rightly be proud of its achievements. KazNMU is having quality organization of training, scientific and clinical activities, high level of qualification of doctors, recognition of medical community which becomes a visiting card for the university.
The history of the university began from 1930 by one medical faculty but now it is a huge complex with unique infrastructure and modern multi-level system of continuous training of medical workers. The staff of KazNMU passed through complex, innovative ways despite with many difficulties.

The graduates of the university were nominated to the highest position of health care in different periods of the country’s life for example, 8 future people’s Commissars and Ministers of health care of Kazakhstan, 3 rectors of medical universities of Kazakhstan, 19 heads of research institutes, SC, 6 heads of regional health institutions, 6 world Champions, 2 Olympic Champions, 71 honored workers of the science of the Kazakh SSR and Honored workers of Kazakhstan, 45 Honored doctors of the Kazakh SSR, 46 Academicians of USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and the 17 Winners of the State award RK, two students of KazNMU, Manshuk Mametova and Vladimir Ivanilov, honors their names for becoming Heroes of Soviet Union. In today times, KazNMU takes 1 st place in training all specialties of bachelor’s degree in healthcare and pharmacy, 1 st place in the National rating of medical Universities, 1 st place in the National rating of educational programs health care on 5 educational programs of the pre-diploma level of training, 1st place in the Independent rating of universities of Kazakhstan, the highest rate of employment graduates comprises 96% and almost 10,000 students, interns, residents, undergraduates and doctoral students from 17 countries of the world representing 34 nationalities. Moreover, it is having 6 faculties, 8 specialties of bachelor’s degree, 7 master’s degree specialties, 5 internship specialties, 31 specialty of residency, 4 laboratories, 7 academic buildings, 7 dormitories; 116 partner universities from 27 countries.

Annually, KazNMU trains more than two thousand of specialists in different fields, who promote medicine of Kazakhstan. Also, KazNMU faced the task of training with professional doctors and scientists who can speak several world languages and also develop unique training programs. For daily expansion in autonomy, the university takes steps in order to give the highest quality education to students and become a medical cluster for the whole of Central Asia.

  • Candidate must have passed their 10+2(sr. secondary education) with minimum 50% marks with PCB (physics, chemistry, and biology) from any recognized board.
  • NEET Score must be for General Categories (2022)- 117 Marks & For Reserved Categories - 93 Marks.
Tution FeeTution Fee Per YearTotal Tution Fee
USD $ 5300 26500
Course Duration : 5 Years   
Filled BMU Application
➢ 12th Original Marksheet
➢ Original Passport with proper scan copy of front and back to be
shared over email.
➢ NEET Score Card
➢ Photograph
• Required digital photograph above shoulder in white
background. It should show a close up of your face and the
top of your shoulders so that your face takes up between
70% - 80% of the face. ( Kindly share clear scan copy over
email ID provide by your counsellor)
• Required 6 passport size photographs should be 35mm x
45mm in Width and Height over matt paper with white

➢ Adhar Card
➢ Student Pan Card Copy ( For Dollar exchange & Forex Card).
  • Library: - The institute has a large library with the latest volumes, journals, and periodicals.
  • Sports: - The institute has both indoor and outdoor sports facilities on the campus like table tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Labs: - The institute has a well-equipped lab on the campus with modern equipment and tools.
  • Computer lab: - The institute has a well-equipped computer lab on the campus with the latest computer machines and tools.
  • Gym: - The institute has a gym on the campus with modern machines and tools like dumbbells, treadmill.
The university has 7 hostels on the campus in which they are providing well-furnished rooms with all the necessary facilities like a bed, mattress, cafeteria, etc. The hostel building has a capacity of more than two thousand students. Some of the important points of the hostel are below: -
  • University distance from Hostel: - The hostel is located inside the university campus.
  • Room occupancy info: - The hostels are available in 2, 3, 4 sharing occupancies in rooms. Students can choose one of them based on their needs, requirement, budget, and availability.
  • Basic Amenities: - All the rooms are well-furnished and centrally air-conditioned with all the necessary amenities like a bed, bed sheets, mattress, study table, etc. Moreover, there is a common study room is there in every hostel. Elevators are also there for the students.
  • Laundry room info: - Each floor of every hostel is having a common laundry room that can be used by every student on that particular floor.
  • Kitchen info: - Each floor of every hostel is having a common kitchen that can be used by every student of that particular floor. Kitchens are shared with 2-3 electric burners, and a microwave, where students can cook their meals whenever they want to do.
  • Washroom and Toilet info: - Every room is having an attached washroom and toilet.
  • Boy and Girl Division info: - Boys and girls hostels are separate.
  • Security info: - All the hostels are very safe and secure as they have security cameras in every hostel for the student's safety. There is a 24 hours security checkpoint, students cannot enter the hostel without passing the security checkpoint at the entrance. The hostel is 24*7 secured by the security staff.
  • Indian Mess availability info: - Indian food is available in the mess for the students and they are providing healthy and nutritious food to every student and staff.
  • Gym info: - The university has a gym on the campus with modern machines and tools like dumbbells, treadmill, etc.
  • Aikan Akanov
  • Eljan Amantaiuly Birtanov (born 18 October 1971) is a Kazakh politician who served as the Minister of Healthcare from 2017 to 2020.
  • Manshuk Zhiengalikyzy Mametova was a machine gunner of the 100th Rifle Brigade in the 21st Guards Rifle Division of the 3rd Shock Army on the Kalinin Front during the Second World War.
Registration Fee
Rs. 25000
Admission Fee
Rs. 0
Visa Fee
Rs. 74000
Travel Fee
Rs. 0

Total BMU Processing Fee : - Rs. 99000 + GST

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  1. The university has ranked 06 in universities in Kazakhstan by 4icu.
  2. The university ranks 3888 in universities in the world by 4icu.
S.NoPeriodAppearedPassPass %
1 2012-2014 660 134 20.3 %
2 2015 - 2018 366 15 4.1 %
3 2019 15 1 6.67 %
4 2020 1 0 0 %
5 2021 15 0 0 %
 Total 1057 150  
SOURCE :- natboard.edu.in

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