College of the economy (FHDW) Hannover

Address : Freundallee 15, 30173 Hannover, Germany , Germany

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FHDW Hannover

the FHDW Hannover has been on the road to success since it was founded in 1996. This is not only confirmed by the low dropout rates, but also by the consistently excellent results in national university comparisons. Most recently in the evaluation portal 1st place in 2022 and 2021 and thus the second year in a row "Most popular university in Germany". As early as 2020 and 2019, students voted the FHDW Hannover the "Top University in Germany" via StudyCheck - in 2nd place respectively. In the CHE university ranking, the FHDW Hannover always achieves above-average values ​​and is also in the absolute top group in Germany.

The FHDW Hannover is a private university of applied sciences. As a non-profit company, it is financed entirely from tuition fees, third-party funds for research projects and endowment funds. The FHDW Hannover uses financial surpluses in the sense of non-profit for the implementation of its research and educational goals.

The FHDW Hannover expands the boundaries of knowledge through the use of scientific methods and new technologies with an entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility. In the interests of its students, it sees itself as a partner to business. The partner companies bear the tuition fees for particularly gifted and motivated FHDW students. They offer them practical applications for their theoretical knowledge and get involved in research projects.

The focal points of study and research at the FHDW Hannover are applied computer science and all business and technical application areas that require comprehensive information technology control knowledge. As an independent teaching and research area, business administration supplements the information technology competence and itself offers a comprehensive range of courses with a focus on medium-sized businesses, the management of international companies, the insurance industry, in the areas of consulting and business transformation as well as taxation and auditing.

The FHDW Hannover consistently implements the requirements for the European higher education area in its courses. Their bachelor's and master's degree programs are modular, take into account the requirements of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and meet international quality standards. FHDW graduates are able to implement current knowledge in business and technical problem solutions, to participate in change processes in a socially responsible manner and - as graduates of the master's degree programs - to conduct independent research.

All professors actively participate in the research and development projects. They pass on their knowledge to their students in a systematic and committed manner and contribute to the reputation of the FHDW Hannover through their publications. The FHDW Hannover recognizes the decisive contribution of the employees to the success of the university of applied sciences. It supports them by providing resources, delegating responsibility and creating freedom for creative, independent action. The FHDW Hannover sees the equality of men and women as an obligation. It promotes the compatibility of family and work or studies and takes into account the special life situations of all members of the university.

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