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Coventry University is a public research university in Coventry,England. The origins of Coventry University can be linked to the founding of the Coventry School of Design in 1843. Coventry University has a long tradition as a provider of education. It was in 1970 that Coventry College of Art amalgamated with Lanchester College of Technology and Rugby College of Engineering Technology. It is the UK's fastest growing university and the country's sixth largest overall, being the fourth largest outside of London.It has two principal campuses: one in the centre of Coventry where the majority of its operations are located, and one in Central London which focuses on business and management courses.Coventry also governs their other higher education institutions CU Coventry, CU Scarborough and CU London, all of which market themselves as an "alternative to mainstream higher education.Coventry is a member of the University Alliance mission group.

Coventry currently occupies a purpose-built 33-acre (13 ha) campus in Coventry City Centre adjacent to Coventry Cathedral and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. It occupies a mix of new purpose-built buildings, converted structures, and those inherited from its predecessor institutions.
CU Coventry was established on campus in 2012 and is an offshoot of Coventry University, providing full-time and part-time professional courses such as accounting, legal studies and marketing. CU Coventry is independent from the university with its own staff and facilities, though its programmes are validated and awarded by the university. Courses offered are flexible, meaning that tuition fees at the institution are often lower than the maximum £16,000 universities in the UK can charge for full-time courses. The part-time nature of many of the courses delivered means classes can run at atypical times, such as evenings and weekends.
CU London-
CU London was established as a new campus in 2017, offering a range of full-time and part-time courses in Dagenham, East London. Located in the former Dagenham Civic Centre, the campus focuses on "high quality, low-cost, career-focused" education, which is flexibly structured to fit around students’ lives. CU London has offered over £95,000 in bursaries and scholarships to local students and schools in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to make higher education more accessible.
From November 2020, CU London also operates from a new campus at 6 Mitre Passage, on the Greenwich Peninsula. This was set up to cater to students of the former Greenwich School of Management, following its closure, as well as to new enrolments.

CU Scarborough
The University opened a new facility, CU Scarborough, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 2016, as part of a new £45 million development, in the Weaponess area of the town. The University contributed £12 million towards the project. Courses include Law, Science & Engineering. The site also incorporates a new sports and leisure village and University Technical College (UTC), for 14–18-year-olds.

Coventry University London
Coventry University's London campus was opened in 2010 as part of a trend seen by a number of different British universities, where a campus in London was set up with a predominately international student body to build the universities' international reputation. The campus operates out of University House, 109–117 Middlesex Street in the City of London, almost 100 miles southeast of Coventry.

Coventry University Wrocław
Coventry University Wrocław is a campus opened in September 2020, offering courses taught in English, including IT, cybersecurity, business, and aviation management with more courses to follow in 2023.The University plans to accept 160 students in the first year. It is the first foreign university in Poland and will offer student exchange programs with Coventry University UK campuses.
Courses at Coventry University and Coventry University London.
Accounting and Finance 
  • Accounting and Finance for International Business BSc (Hons) top-up- this course is designed with a specific focus on accounting and finance in an international context, incorporating the study of English language for business, to better prepare you for potential global career options in areas such as business, accountancy or financial management.
  • International Finance and Banking BSc (Hons) top-up-  this course is designed with a specific focus on international banking and finance in an international context, incorporating the study of English language for business, to better prepare you for potential global career options in areas such as business, accountancy or financial management.
  • Accounting and Finance for International Business BA (Hons) top-up (London campus)- fast-track your way to a bachelor's degree in accounting & finance, with this intensive one- year course for learners holding level 5 qualifications in finance or accountancy-related fields. This course may appeal to you if you're interested in becoming an accountant, working at a financial organisation or working in the finance department of any business.
  • Accounting and Financial Management MSc - This course is designed for those seeking a higher level of education combined with the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in functional accounting and contemporary finance topics. You will have the chance to:Improve on your existing capabilities and understanding of the business world.

Business and Management
  • Business Enterprise and Innovation Management BA (Hons) top-up - The course is an entrepreneurship degree designed for those who want to thrive in a rapidly changing entrepreneurial environment, globally and technologically. It aims to provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge with the enterprising skills and capabilities to respond not only proactively and creatively, but innovatively to business issues and challenges.
  • English and Education Management BA (Hons) top-up- This course is designed for learners who aim to enhance their knowledge of English language and literature while engaging with education themes, including teaching young learners, English testing and management.
  • International Business BA (Hons) top-up- With a focus on strategy and strategy development, this course should allow you to explore skills needed to potentially be a flexible future manager, spot international business opportunities quickly and respond to challenges effectively.
  • International Business MBus- Study a course covering all aspects of business, or focus on key sectors, such as aviation, fashion, human resources, or entrepreneurship.
  • Global Business BA (Hons) top-up (London Campus)- The Global Business Top Up BA (Hons) offers you a comprehensive introduction to the business world by considering how business operates and is successful locally and globally.
  • Business Analytics MSc- This course aims to help you become a highly trained analyst, capable of interpreting data to find new patterns and relationships, informing business decisions accordingly, so as to drive growth and successful business performance.
  • International Business Management MSc - This master’s level course aims to prepare you for managerial roles across the emerging global borderless economy, upon successful completion, through giving you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of international business challenges, together with the skills and expertise required to negotiate them successfully.
  • International Human Resource Management MSc - This course has been designed for people who want to learn how to manage and organise paid and voluntary staff to maximise their potential, which ultimately allows businesses and organises to flourish and succeed.
  •  Master of Business Administration (MBA) -  This course aims to teach you how to respond to the needs of the modern world, by thinking critically and strategically in seeking solutions to complex business problems.
  • Project Management MSc - The globalisation of the business world, coupled with heightened competition, increasing customer expectations and rapid technological advances, has fuelled the demand for projects of all types across almost every industry.
Marketing and Media/PR
  •  International Marketing BA (Hons) top-up- This course is designed for international students who have previously studied marketing and want to earn an honours degree. You will explore how to attract and engage customers with innovative marketing strategies and content. 
  • International Digital Marketing BA (Hons) top-up-  The course aims to enable you to top-up your existing qualification to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, upon successful completion. Studied full-time over one year, the course focuses on digital marketing from a strategic perspective and in an international context. Incorporating language modules, it aims to improve your critical thinking, problem-solving and language skills, while giving you the chance to deepen your understanding of digital marketing and its integration into wider business and marketing strategy.
  • Media BA (Hons) top-up- This course will help you to understand the process of practical work, the theories that inform your work and the community of practice with which you will engage.
  • You will have access to dedicated media spaces, edit suites and industry-focused radio, photography and television studios. You will have access to industry-standard professional equipment via our Media Loan Shop.
  • Marketing Management BA (Hons) top-up This course has been designed to give you a direct route into marketing and management careers, and to develop you into a professional marketing manager ready for the future.
  • Marketing Management BA (Hons) top-up This course has been designed to give you a direct route into marketing and management careers, and to develop you into a professional marketing manager ready for the future.
  •  International Fashion PR and Communication BA (Hons) top-up (London Campus)- This one- year intensive course aims to prepare students to become innovative strategists and creative communicators in the fashion industry. The course is aimed at learners holding level 5 qualifications in a diverse range of areas, including fashion design, media or business management, who wish to pursue a career in fashion public relations.
  • Design Management MA - As a Design Management student you will develop skills in the leadership and management of creative practice and associated practitioners. It will provide you with the capability to support effective outcomes and operations in businesses where creative activity is a part of their overall strategy.It will attract students from all creative disciplines as well as those from business and marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Management MSc - Covering the broad range of digital marketing, this course allows you the opportunity to explore how digital marketing strategies are produced, how digital marketing is measured and optimised, and how you can lead in the industry.
  • Film and Media Production MA - This course welcomes creatives with a passion for storytelling and who seek to engage new forms of spectator within the context of remediated traditions of film and media practice.
  • International Marketing Management MSc - On this course, you will explore a variety of topics related to international marketing and marketing management, including The theory, skills and personal attributes it takes to be a successful international marketing practitioner.The latest in international marketing trends and their applications.Developing marketing skills pertinent to leading international business growth.
  • Applied Mechanical Engineering BSc (Hons) top-up- The course is designed for you to learn and develop a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical, materials and mathematical (analytical) sciences; approaches to design and product lifecycle; and managerial procedures that provide a basis for working professionally and effectively.
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc- This course seeks to produce postgraduates with the versatility and depth of understanding to deal with new and unusual challenges in mechanical engineering, alongside the necessary imagination and creativity to innovate.
  • Civil Engineering/Civil Engineering (Technical Route) MSc - You will have the opportunity to learn the laboratory testing procedures and technics used to assess material and structural performance, using modern and upgraded loading equipment automated with data loggers, saturated and unsaturated stress path soil testing apparatus and commercial civil engineering material mixing and synthesising equipment.
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering MSc  This accredited course provides you with the opportunity to develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge in a range of electronics fields, including digital systems,image and signal processing, robotics and sensors, together with electrical systems such as renewable energy, smart grids, advanced control engineering and instrumentation, electrical machines and power generation.
  • Engineering Management MSc - The course incorporates three alternative pathways, allowing you to select a route that is clearly focused on your anticipated or current career path in a manufacturing company. The selection of one of the three pathways adds specific career-focused content to the core modules.
Nursing and Healthcare Professions
  •  Nursing Studies BSc (Hons) top-up- This course is designed for international students with a Diploma-level General Nursing registration in their own country who wish to further their understanding of UK nursing practice.
  • Nursing MSc - The course is designed to provide Continuing Professional Development to a widening group of UK and internationally-based nurses, and aims to develop nurses in support of the global health economy and their contribution to nursing practice in a range of contexts.
  • Public Health Nutrition MSc- This course aims to ensure graduates have the knowledge and skills to enable them to work in public health nutrition. It aims to provide you with foundational skills and knowledge across the three pillars of public health: prevention, protection, and promotion, as well as underpinning knowledge of nutrition science and metabolism, disease prevention and the wider determinants of health.
  • Informatics BSc (Hons) top-up- The course enables you to ‘top-up’ your existing qualifications – an undergraduate level certificate, diploma or equivalent in computing or related fields – to the internationally recognised ‘honours degree’ classification.
  • Computer Science MSc- This course aims to provide you with a sound understanding of essential development platforms, protocols and standards with an emphasis on computer architectures, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analysis, internet security and the development of web-based and mobile applications.
  • Data Science MSc - This course has been designed specifically for graduates from a diverse range of disciplines to give them an opportunity to gain expertise from across the broad field of data science to help complement their existing skills and knowledge.
  •  International Hospitality, Tourism and Wellness Management BA (Hons) top-up (London Campus)- This course is considered from a world perspective, with the aim of preparing you for your career prospects upon successful completion. It aims to reflect international business practices, cultures and legal frameworks, so you should develop confidence dealing with diverse people and organisations around the world.
  • International Event and Hospitality Management BA (Hons) top-up- This course is designed to enhance your existing knowledge, skills and capabilities to respond proactively and creatively to contemporary issues in event management and hospitality operations within an increasingly global marketplace.


For UG: 65% in 12th
Ielts Requirement: 6.0 overall, 5.5 minimum
Gap Accepted- 2 years
Other English Test Accepted: PTE,TOEF-IBT.

For PG: Min. 55% in UG
Ielts Requirement: 6.5 overall, 6.0 minimum

Other English Test Accepted: PTE,TOEF-IBT.
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