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    Cadaver Workshop first time in Georgia

    • 9/12/2021 4:32:21 PM
    • Amit Vats
    • BMU

    For the first time in Georgia, Bau International University, Batumi organized the first Summer School ,,Cadaver Workshop”, focusing on the dissection and clinical anatomical aspects of the upper and lower limbs.

    BAU International University Batumi provides medical students with an opportunity to dissect human cadaver during summer school workshop in BAU campus in Batumi, Georgia.

    This short course is designed for Georgian and International students of any medical educational institution with relevant knowledge of anatomy (2nd year and above) interested in expanding their knowledge and dissection skills. Also, those who have never had the opportunity to dissect human cadaver before. The course will focus on the dissection and clinical anatomical aspects of the upper and lower limbs.

    The workshop was in English.

    Students from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Medicine, participated in the workshop. The school program was divided into two part. The course included lecture on Dissection Safety – Instruments and Safety Rules, as well as practical dissection classes utilizing anatomical models, carefully prosected cadaveric material. Workshop was held in English. Each day participants performed the dissection under the supervision of the course instructors and participated in the group discussions. Participants were awarded with certificates at the end of three day training session.

    The Faculty of Medicine thanks Bau International University Batumi.


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