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    How Davao Medical School Foundation became one of the top performing medical schools in the Philippines

    • 6/22/2021 3:41:47 PM
    • Amit Vats
    • BMU

    DAVAO Medical School Foundation became one of the top performing medical schools in the Philippines because of its style in teaching that it provides to the students, local or foreign alike.

    As every industry is innovating to meet the needs of the changing time, so does the DMSF. Now leveling up and adding technologies to help their students to learn while enjoying at the same time, DMSF acquired equipment making them the first in the Philippines to have highly advanced apparatuses.

    Anatomage and Virtual Cadaver 3D

    DMSF president doctor Jonathan Alegre said in an interview with Sunstar Davao that Anatomage and Virtual cadavers were purchased from Taiwan and both have 3D learning apparatuses that can be used by their medical students.

    Anatomage is an interactive 3D learning dissection of human anatomy where a group of students can see the beauty of the human body in different angles. Medical students also will not have messy dissection or observation on cadavers since it is highly advanced.

    Moreover, the Virtual Cadaver is also a 3D learning material for the medical students where they have to wear helmet to see the different parts or contents of a human anatomy by just typing the body part in the programmed computer along with the helmet. Alegre also added that the student can also maneuver the image depending on its view of preference.

    However, he said the anatomage can be used by a group of students while the Virtual Cadaver is for individual use only.

    Simulation Center

    Alegre added that DMSF has simulation center where the students execute their learning such as basic life support that has mannequins that cost around P5 million. These mannequins have different characteristics which could be assigned with different diseases, infections or situation that can be programmed by their Information Technology staff.

    He added that with the simulation center, their students do not need to go to the hospitals to be trained. Their simulation center has two amphitheaters so that the waiting students can view simulated operations and follow the techniques or strategies of their classmates done during the simulation period.

    Alegre also revealed of the DMSF's ongoing construction of their P70 million Anatomy Museum. The museum will store some of their high end apparatuses and China-made specimens distributed by Taiwan in aim to showcase the beauty of Human Anatomy to other school who will be visiting it.



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