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    How You Can Score Full Marks in Chemistry Section of NEET Exam

    • 6/16/2021 12:03:29 PM
    • Akshay
    • NEET Exams

    Chemistry is the section that can be a deciding factor in clearing your NEET Examination. It is one of the most scoring sections and can help you attain a better rank. Analysis of previous year questions shows that most of the questions are asked from NCERT books.

    Things to Focus in NCERT

    You should solve all the exercise questions given after completion of each Chapter. Many questions are asked directly from chapter exercises in the NEET exams.  

    How to prepare Section wise

    Organic Chemistry -  Focus on the Basics. Give more time in the preparation of General Organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons etc. Most of the questions in organic section are directly asked from NCERT books. Don’t try to memorise the topics because you will forget them in the long run. It is crucial to build a strong understanding of topics like reaction mechanism and isomerism. Better way to retain concepts in your memory is to practice more and more questions related to the topic.

    Inorganic Chemistry -  Is relatively easier and high scoring section. Focus on High Impact topics like Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding to build your foundation. Rest of inorganic is extension of these topics. It is strongly advised that you take short notes on every concept and important topic that you learn. It will assist you in consolidating your study material and quickly revise those topics. Again practise is the main key which will differentiates you from others.

    Physical Chemistry -  In Physical Chemistry most of the questions are formula based to the point problems. You just have to apply the formula correctly. To remember all the formulas it is advised to write all the formulas in 2 pages for daily revision. Don’t Just mug up the formulas. Learn them by applying them on various practice problems.

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    Important Topics: Questions from general chemistry topics like Chemical Bonding and Periodic Properties appear frequently on the NEET exam. It's a good idea to brush up on these subjects because they're high-scoring and relatively simple to prepare for. As a result, make an effort to thoroughly understand and learn the concepts discussed in these chapters. Concentrate on chapters such as Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry in Everyday Life, and Polymers because they are brief and primarily require information retention. Students frequently make the error of ignoring or skipping these chapters. However, questions from these chapters appear on the exam quite frequently.

    Evaluate -

    Try a dedicated test series, mock tests, and previous year's question papers. These tests will assist you in analysing your level of preparation and even increasing your confidence, which will increase your chances of success in the NEET Chemistry paper.

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