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    Foreign Educated Medical Students Approach Supreme Court For Aid To Join Covid-19 Care Workforce

    • 5/19/2021 4:39:13 PM
    • Manikanth
    • BMU

    The Association of MD Physicians, All India Foreign Medical Graduates and Russian Medical Graduates Associations have approached the Supreme Court seeking directions to states to allow all foreign medical graduates (FMGs) to join the Covid-19 healthcare workforce with facilities at par with MBBS graduates.

    President of Association of MD Physicians, Dr Rajesh Rajan, said, though many states, including Karnataka, Gujarat, have started the process of appointing FMGs to their state Covid teams, many are still reluctant. Over 50,000 such medicos are waiting for the government nod, he said.

    “Several National Medical Council (NMC) members have already written to its chairman to support the movement to stabilise and support our burnt-out Covid warriors,” he said, adding that the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has officially released a press note stating the importance of FMG doctors during this crisis. He told TOI that if FMG doctors are ready to work as interns without any stipend for one year, the government should immediately take their services after registering them.

    “We all know about the shortage of doctors across the country. Almost every day we are losing doctors, including specialists. The existing teams are exhausted due to continuous work for the past one year,” Dr Rajan said, adding that the third wave will be more disastrous and medicos are needed to tackle it. There is need to plan ahead, he added.

    We have readymade doctors then why is the government not allowing them to work,” he questioned, adding that the government has no issues if veterinary doctors are working with Covid teams but they are not ready to absorb FMGs.

    The petitioners stated that FMGs are doctors who have obtained their primary medical degrees equivalent to MBBS from outside India. The petition seeks a one-time exemption for their members and for all other such doctors eligible to take the foreign medical graduate exam in order to augment the health infrastructure of the country. Read more

    Source: Times of India



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