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    Why Now Is The Best Time For An MBBS Abroad Degree

    • 5/12/2021 11:09:25 AM
    • Siddharth
    • BMU

    The education sector is growing a lot in India, with better systems and technologies, the progress is more rapid than that of other parts of the world. Medical education is in its liberal phase and students are getting more eager to do their MBBS degree from abroad. MBBS abroad is possible provided students have a firm grasp on the pattern of specific courses, admission process, syllabus, fees, scholarships available and all other important factors.

    Indians, in general, are a talented race. With the right amount of help, they can emerge as leaders in the medical field. With growing opportunities in the education industry, students are starting to pursue their dreams in this industry. Now you can increase your chances of admission by applying for MBBS abroad and fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor.

    Growing Trend

    In the last few years years, there has been a growing trend amongst students to opt for overseas MBBS degrees. Some of the most sought-after are from countries such as Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and several other European and Asian Countries. The main reason why students want to go abroad is that they would like to complete their MBBS degree in quick time and pursue further studies in a foreign country afterwards. It may be true that it is not possible to complete it within 1-2 years, but if you are aiming at completing your MBBS degree within stipulated time period then it is the absolutely right choice.

    There are many reasons to choose MBBS abroad. Some of the most popular reasons to go abroad include opportunities for medical placements, new qualifications and specializations, and the challenge of living in a new country. Many students are interested in studying medicine abroad because they want to gain an international perspective on the medical industry. Studying MBBS abroad will broaden your knowledge and improve your future career prospects.

    Points to Consider Before You Get Your Degree from Abroad

    But before you head off to new horizons, take a moment to learn more about these important drawbacks of studying abroad. It is important to consider that it may not always possible to put your degree to full use upon returning home, and that you may spend much more money than initially planned. The language of study in some countries although may be English but their accent can be very different and difficult for students to understand. You will have to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) licensure exam conducted by Medical Council of India (MCI) to practice medicine in the country. MBBS students from abroad cannot avail the All India quota of 50% or state quota of 50% for post graduate studies. If you are eager to tackle these small setbacks then you should consider for an MBBS degree from abroad.

    Why Now is the Best Time

    However, medical education is increasingly becoming internationalized, and thus it is wise to take advantage of this opportunity! Whether you are looking for your basic MBBS training or would like to specialize in the field of medicine, MBBS abroad can have great results for your future career. In fact, there are now many opportunities for students to experience the world of medicine first hand by studying abroad in countries such as Russia and China. International medical education is rapidly increasing and it’s wise to grab this opportunity! You can either do your basic MBBS training or specialize in any other medical field. Extensive specialization and thorough training in MBBS abroad can help you avoid mistakes while giving care to patients.

    Another important factor to consider is the doctor-population ratio in India is very skewed. For every 1456 people there is only 1 doctor available. While WHO suggests at least 1 doctor for 1000 people. Also, the current pandemic and the state of healthcare infrastructure has shown that the demand of good doctors in India is extremely high. Now when we see the healthcare infrastructure crumbling under the pressure due to the surge in corona virus cases, we know India definitely needs better healthcare facilities. Hence, we will need abundance of healthcare workers including doctors, paramedics, nurses and others. This is the best time to study medicine and why not an MBBS degree from abroad for an international perspective.

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