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    MBBS in Russia: Licensing Exam in Russia

    • 5/29/2024 2:39:01 PM
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    All the medical aspirants are aware about the fact that according to the gazette of the National Medical Commission of India, it is extremely important for all the medical aspirants who are pursuing MBBS from international medical universities to acquire a practising license from the same country for example, if you are pursuing MBBS from Russia then it is important for you to get a license from the organization representing medical professionals in the Russian Federation which is known as the Public Registration Authority of Health Practitioners in Russia.

    Here, in this article, we will talk about how this licensing exams are conducted in Russia, what are the procedures and so on. But before that we will talk about the exam which is held in the final year of the MBBS course which is known as the GOZZ exam which is the most important exam of the medical course. The GOZZ exam and the licensing exam in Russia are quite related to each other.


    This exam is basically conducted in the final year of the MBBS course. This exam include 3 important steps and they are as follows:

    • Test: The first step consists of a basic test which include all the MCQ’s which the medical aspirants need to answer correctly and have to attempt all the MCQ’s.
    • Practical: The second step includes Practical, during which the aspirant will be allotted a patient who will give you all the details about his symptoms of the disease or disorder and the aspirant is expected to take his case history thoroughly and accurately. Aspirants are required to take the necessary plan of action, conduct a proper diagnosis, make a note of all the radiological findings and will also have to discuss about what treatment should be given to the patients. These are all the important steps which are conducted in the practical because of which the aspirants’ capabilities will be measured and with this it will be cleared what practical knowledge the aspirants had acquired in all these years in the Russian medical university.
    • Oral Exam: This is the third and the final step of the GOZZ exam. This is more like viva and the aspirants are expected to answer every question correctly and accurately. In this exam, aspirants will be asked questions by their professors about various diseases such as Asthma. Aspirants will be asked in details about the symptoms, treatment, radiological findings and various diagnosis that aspirants are required to conduct. So, after all the three steps, your final exam will be completed.

    It is extremely important for all the medical aspirants to clear this exam because only after clearing this exam, medical aspirants are awarded with the degree of MD which is considered as MBBS In India and other international countries and then the aspirants are eligible to practise anywhere in the world only after clearing different entrance exams of different countries such as for India it is the NEXT exam, for the United States, it is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), for the United Kingdom, it is The General Medical Council of UK (GMC PLAB EXAM), for Australia, it is AMC -MCQ Exam and so on.

    Any medical aspirant who fails to clear this exam will definitely not be given the degree of MBBS or MD Physician (as per Russian medical board) and will have to clear this exam in order to get the final degree.

    Syllabus of the GOZZ exam

    The syllabus of the GOZZ exam include all the practical and theoretical topics, related to preclinical and paraclinical which the aspirants are taught from the first year till the 6th year of their MBBS course.

    Level of the GOZZ exam

    All the aspirants should keep in mind that the level of exam is not that easy that if you do not study and only sit for the lectures you will able to clear the exam, it is not at all true. Aspirants are required to work really hard in order to clear this exam because the clinical knowledge that the aspirants are asked by the professors such as the symptoms of the diseases, the radiological findings and the diagnosis will only be learned by going through it on regular basis. So, the aspirants will only be able to clear this step if they have acquired in-depth knowledge about medicine, surgery, clinical, etc.

    There are many instances where in some universities, the team of professional teaching staff are invited from the other medical universities and they take your viva and practical. This is the reason why aspirants are suggested to thoroughly study for this exam and not take it too easy.

    Now, let us discuss about the licensing exam in Russia. In order to accomplish to earn your MD, the state exam is the last requirement and is the most important step to become a doctor in Russia and in order to acquire a practising license in Russia.

    All the medical aspirants in the final year are expected to clear the state exam and earn Primary Accreditation. Aspirants need to clear this exam in order to complete their medical education from Russia.

    Licensing Exam in Russia:

    The licensing exam in Russia is known as the Akkredition exam in Russia which is a kind of a creditation exam. As compared to Gozz exam, licensing exam is very different. Comparatively it is not difficult with respect to GOZZ exam. So, any aspirants who has managed to clear GOZZ exam smoothly will definitely manage to clear the licensing exam easily. This is an MCQ based exam and the validity of this exam is of 5 years after you have cleared the exam and acquired the license of this exam. This exam is conducted by the Russian medical universities itself.

    After clearing the GOZZ exam and as soon as you get the degree of this exam, you can appear for the licensing exam in Russia after one or 2 weeks of acquiring the degree of GOZZ exam. You will get the results of the licensing exam within a month and at the same time you are also entitled to acquire the title of an MD doctor from Russia. In 30 or 40 days all your documentation procedure is completed and now you can practise as an MBBS doctor in other countries and an MD doctor in Russia.

    After getting the degree by clearing the licensing exam in Russia, if you want to stay back and practise in Russia you can choose to do so and if you want to return to your own country, then you can proceed and appear for the medical exam of your country.

    As per the guidelines and gazette issue by the National Medical Commission of India, all the medical aspirants planning to pursue MBBS from other international countries will have to acquire a practising license from that country.

    Aspirants should think about this exam as an opportunity to practise in Russia. Indian medical aspirants will any which ways have to appear for the NEXT or FMGE exam, so, in this case they will have the practising license from both these countries and they can choose to practise in India and Russia, both. Apart from this, acquiring a medical licensing from Russia will also add credits on the medical graduates resume if in future, aspirants are planning to settle in other international country.

    Moreover, aspirants should keep in mind that if they have a strong dedication to achieve something then nothing is difficult.



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