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    Gomel State Medical University

    • 6/2/2023 4:25:23 PM
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    If you are considering studying MBBS abroad,  Belarus is an option you should consider for a number of reasons. Above all, the quality of education is high and students are mostly trained by highly experienced professors in advanced laboratories with modern techniques. This in turn makes Belarus a great opportunity to study MBBS and study abroad and  is the reason why thousands of doctors from all over the world fly here every year from Europe, Africa, Asia and UAE. 
    Courses are taught in  English  and students do not need to pass IELTS or TOEFL for admission.
    Gomel State Medical University, located in the city of Gomel, was born in  1990. Belarus Gomel State Medical University has been considered one of the most modern and advanced universities in Belarus since its establishment. The  latest educational technology in the field of medicine and advanced methods of practical medicine are used in the study, which help students to always remain competitive and flexible in the global market.


    Gomel State Medical University of Belarus has always closely followed European educational standards. Since all  courses are offered in English,  degrees from Gomel State Medical University in Belarus are  recognized by UNESCO in addition to other organizations. 
    Belarus Gomel State Medical University also trains students for medical licensing exams such as NMC, PLAB, MOH, USMLE, etc. Gomel State Medical University of Belarus maintains a separate curriculum. Highly trained staff and  safe environment surrounding the university  make it the best place to study MBBS in Belarus. At Gomel State Medical University, Belarus, students are taught MBBS using  advanced tools and techniques that make the entire learning process more holistic. The university's foreign students include students from more than 30 different countries, including India, France, Sri Lanka, Great Britain, Syria, Peru, etc.

    Few more reasons to select Gomel State Medical University as a great option for doing MBBS:-
    - Currently, many graduates of Belarus Gomel State Medical University are working in major countries around the world such as UK, USA, Australia, India, etc.
    - The best thing about studying MBBS at Belarus Gomel State Medical University is the clinical training they provide in various general hospitals with more than 5,000 beds
    - Students see and experience working in special cases every day, and the number of hospital visits a student can make is not limited.
    - This helps to further expand and improve their knowledge and keep them updated. Students have full access to the libraries, which are stocked with books.
    - You can borrow books from the lending library, while you can find special editions of various books from the search library.
    - Gomel State Medical University of Belarus also offers the best e-libraries in the country for e-libraries and e-library review.

    Do choose Gomel State Medical University as it is one of the best options and past year, most of the Ukraine war affected students took transfer in this university. 
    For more information contact on Book My University at 8800570019.



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