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    Vitebsk State Medical University

    • 6/2/2023 4:25:23 PM
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    In Russian, Belarus is known as "White Russia." There is no other location in the world where nature can be found unaltered, and the color "white" here represents the purity and simplicity of the nation. Nevertheless, Belarus is a fantastic choice for MBBS education overseas, putting societal and environmental factors aside. The tuition at Belarus' medical colleges is remarkably affordable, and the level of instruction meets European norms. Once more, Belarus is a tranquil place to live, making it an excellent location for students to pursue an MBBS overseas.

    The local medical institution of Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus dates back to 1934. Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus is a public medical university located in the city of Vitebsk and has been accepting international students since 1981. Its value is 75 years. Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus develops its own curriculum, which is considered to be in line with the European Qualifications Framework.

    Every year, more than 7,200 students from over 43 countries come to study MBBS at Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus. Courses are offered in both  English and Russian. Because Belarus Vitebsk State Medical University trained doctors for the national health services, it received many merits, one of which  is the Order of  Friendship of Public Health. 
     In addition to meeting international standards,  various departments of Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus are equipped with the latest technology. In 2003, the university also launched an electronic library  to facilitate information. Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus adopts various measures to improve the quality of education, such as dental clinics, industrial pharmacies, control analysis laboratory, etc.

    Benefits of opting Vitebsk State Medical University:- 
    Here we provide a brief overview of the main benefits of studying at Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus.
    - The entire curriculum is  in English.
    - Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus is a state university that maintains a high level of education.
    - Tuition fees are quite low, as is the cost of living  compared to  other countries with the same standard of living.
    - A total  of 7,000 students study at the university.
    - Students receive clinical training in state hospitals (20 hospitals with more than 10,700 beds).
    - The ratio of teachers to students at Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus is 1:10.

    For more detailed information about the procedure of applying in Vitebsk State Medical University, contact Book My University on 8800570019.



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