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    Belarusian State Medical University

    • 3/14/2024 5:01:02 PM
    • Top universities for MBBS in Belarus

    High teaching standards, widespread recognition of degrees, and alumni with excellent jobs all over the world are just a few of the reasons why studying MBBS in Belarus is a choice that should be taken into account. There are numerous medical universities in Belarus, a stunning nation in its own right, that offer students MBBS degrees that are recognized around the world.

    Furthermore, compared to other European cities, the cost of living and education is significantly lower. There are no hidden fees or donations required to apply to any medical university in Belarus. The process is quite simple. A Belarusian visa can be obtained easily as well.

    Established in 1930, Belarusian State Medical University is considered one of the leading universities in Belarus as well as in the world. Though it was part of the Belarusian Medical University when it first came into existence, it became an independent educational institute dedicated to medical education the same year.

    Why MBBS Study at the Belarusian State Medical University???

    The educational philosophy at Belarusian State Medical University is practice - oriented. As a result, actual experiments make up about 70% of the courses, which are also taught through tutorials. The academic process takes place at the clinical divisions of the ministry of health beginning in the second year. Students will be given all the resources they need at this point to finish the MBBS program, which helps them further develop their knowledge and abilities. The students at Belarusian State Medical University have access to the most recent teaching tools and materials. The instructional staff is responsible for a sizable portion of the educational resources, while other educational tools include e-textbooks, educational texts, tests for self-assessment, etc.

    The following are the major benefits of MBBS education at Belarusian State Medical University.

    1) The language of instruction for the full training is English.

    2) European educational norms are followed by all educational programs at Belarusian State Medical University.

    3) In comparison, there is a cheaper academic cost, and there is no entry exam for students who wish to apply for admittance.

    4) Without donations or additional fees, the complete admissions procedure is straightforward and simple.

    5) The provided MBBS degree is respected all over the globe.

    6) Some of the most prestigious foreign groups, such as WHO and NMC, have accredited the institution.

    7) The institution has a staff with extensive expertise and operates with a student-teacher ratio of 20:1.

    8) IELTS or the TOEFL are not required of students.

    9) A welcoming and secure atmosphere where students can flourish.

    These all and many more are the few stated reasons for choosing Belarusian State Medical University for pursuing your MBBS course.

    To apply for Belarusian State Medical University for 2023 - 2024 intake, kindly contact Book My University at 8800570019.



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