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    Study MBBS in Belarus

    • 3/29/2023 3:00:24 PM
    • Details of MBBS from Belarus

    Belarus should be your top choice if you are searching for a respectable MBBS university or college abroad. The ideal location for an MBBS overseas is Belarus. In Belarus, the subject of medical education is very important. It is as a result of their degree's widespread acknowledgment and WHO approval. A large number of people travel to Belarus to apply for MBBS admittance. Many students from all over the globe are eager to enroll in one of Belarus' MBBS universities. Here are the reasons why they selected MBBS Belarus, in case you were curious:

    1) When you compare it with other European countries, you will find it really affordable. We offer the highest quality medical education in Belarus to all international students while offering affordable MBBS fees in Belarus. 

    2) Graduating from MBBS University in Belarus gives you the opportunity to work abroad. You can work abroad or you can work in your own country. The choice is yours. 

    3) According to the current scenario, more than 2000 international students are studying MBBS courses in Belarus. World-class quality of education is proven in Belarus. 

    Study period MBBS course from Belarus:-
    - The duration of MBBS studies in Belarus is 6 years
    - This 6-year MBBS course includes an internship program
    - Internship programs are held in several multinational organizations around the world.

    Language medium of  MBBS studies in Belarus:-
    - The language of instruction for MBBS in Belarus is English
    - English medium is very convenient for international students as it is a universal language and everyone can understand it
    - Students are taught Belarusian language to make life easier in Belarus.

    MBBS Intake in Belarus:-
    - Courses to study MBBS in Belarus start at the end of September or at the end of October
    - While students should be aware that MBBS candidates apply here from all over the world
    - Seating is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis
    - Therefore, it is better for students to apply for MBBS admission in Belarus in July or August
    - The enrollment process in Belarus is easy and convenient if you apply early.

    MBBS eligibility criteria in Belarus:-

    Students have to meet several eligibility criteria in order to get admission in MBBS in Belarus.
    - Be at least 17 years old by December 31st of the year of admission
    - Must have completed her 12th standard with a science degree
    - Subjects must include Chemistry and Biology
    - You must achieve at least 50% on the 12th standard
    - NEET made mandatory under new NMC rules
    - The admission process is very easy and convenient for all international students.

    For more information regarding MBBS from Belarus, kindly contact Book My University at 8800570019.



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