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    • 1/4/2023 11:43:19 AM
    • Prashant Khatri
    • Study MBBS in Philippines

    Study MBBS in Philippines

    Students are mostly confused now with all the countries and consultancies offering attractive fees and exaggerating all the conditions available in the universities. When it comes to all the other countries that are offering “study MBBS abroad” for years have their own Pros and cons. Every single student willing to study MBBS abroad should have personal research and a thorough understanding of the various countries and universities in general.
    Though abroad MBBS education has been in trend for more than two decades in India, Study MBBS in Philippines is the latest trend from the past decade. It has been the most sought out destination among all the counties due to all the benefits regarding the Study MBBS course as well as the country itself. With China in complete collapse relating to the restrictions among plenty of universities that are offering MBBS courses for foreigners and accepting only 45 colleges made the parents fear the MBBS degree from China.

    About Philippines

    Philippines is the most beautiful archipelagic country filled with 7,641of islands bounded by beautiful sea coasts. The capital city of Philippines Manila is one of the most populated capitals in the world and the country is popular for all its natural resources and globally renowned biodiversity.
    Though the population ratio is not more than 30 million but accommodates plenty of world-class standard educational institutions and Universities. Compulsory Free Education for all the children till they complete their high school is mandatory in Philippines and making the education ratio gradually increasing recently from its 86.5% literacy rate. Study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is a good opportunity with all the technically advanced universities providing Low-cost MBBS degrees compared to India.

    Eligibility to Study MBBS in Philippines

    Getting a seat to study MBBS in Philippines though not that difficult, but need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria from the Government of India, the Philippines, and also the Universities of the Philippines. Here is the list of eligibility criteria that need to be meted to get admission in any of the Philippines MBBS colleges/universities as well as getting a valid Visa from the Embassy of Philipiines and MCI recognition for the medical degree.

    EligibilityStudents passed in +2/Intermediate with a cumulative score of PCB 50%
    AgeShould be more than 17 years
    EnglishEnglish should be a compulsory subject in their +2/Intermediate
    NEETQualification of NEET exam is mandatory since 2018 to practice in India
    CourseBS-MD Program (BS-Pre medicine/ MD- Doctor of Medicine)
    Total Duration (1-year BS-Trimester + 4.6 years MD + 1 year Internship)
    Course Fee (Min)Rs.1.50 lakhs per year
    Course Fee (Max)Rs.3 lakhs per year
    Cost of LivingRs. 10,000 to 15,000 (Depending on the spending thrift of the student)
    StandardsUS-based MBBS educational standards
    Language of instructionEnglish
    CurrencyPhilippine Peso
    AccommodationFew Universities only offer in-campus Hostel accommodation
    FoodIndian food is available in most the areas



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