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    Top 10 Grounds for Indian Students to choose Philippines as their destination to study MBBS

    • 1/3/2023 5:24:56 PM
    • 10 reasons to study MBBS in Philippines

    Let us look why thousands of Indian students prefer to do MBBS in Philippines every year:

    10 Reasons why Indian Students Choose Philippines:-

    1) No donation and low tuition feeThe best MBBS colleges in the Philippines are governed by the Philippines ministry of education, which is why there are no capitation fees or donations required to enroll. In contrast, the majority of private medical colleges in India charge capitation fees and donations. In India, tuition costs rise from 50 lakhs to more than a crore. On the other hand, the low tuition fees that range from 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs in the Philippines make the cost of MBBS very low. Because of this, students are flocking to the Philippines to earn their MBBS in order to obtain a world-class medical education at a price they can afford.

    2) Filipinos are welcoming and supportive of Indian studentsPeople in the Philippines are referred to as Filipinos as a group, with men also being referred to as Filipinos and Filipinas as women. They all have a charming smile, from kids to shopkeepers who smile to welcome you. Singing is a passion for Filipinos at any time or place. They have a great passion for basketball. The Filipinos are naturally friendly and hospitable from birth. Filipinos are adored for that. Because of this, studying MBBS in the Philippines is a safe and comfortable experience for Indian students. Throughout their time at some of the best MBA schools in the Philippines, they receive a wide range of assistance from locals.

    3) Low cost of living in PhilippinesPhilippines is more affordable because the cost of living there is much lower than in other countries, and there is only a small difference between the currency of the Philippines and that of India. MBBS students in the Philippines will enjoy a higher standard of living because it is one of the top five cheapest places to live. Two of the world's ten largest malls are located in the Philippines. Indian understudies who do MBBS in Philippines get a top notch everyday environments in howdy tech clinical school grounds and cooled lodgings at a reasonable expense.

    4) A large variety in food options - Philippines being an Archipelagic country has plentiful with assortments of fish. Rice is the staple food in a large portion of the Asian nations, which is joined by meat in each dinner. The Indian, Chinese, Spanish, American, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisines of the Philippines are all mixed together. It has street food and food courts in every mall. In addition, Indian food is offered by a separate chef to Indian students in the hostel and college of most of the best MBA schools in the Philippines.

    5) Medical colleges in Philippines has world rankings and accreditationThe Commission on Higher Education (CHED) overlooks the medical degree at all of the Philippines' Best MBBS Colleges. The World Health Organization (WHO), the Educational Council for Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) all recognize and list all of the best medical schools in the Philippines. Graduates of the MBBS program in the Philippines are eligible for licensure in the United States and Canada by passing the USMLE step 1, 2, and 3 exams because the curriculum and educational system are based on those in the United States. Because of these accreditations and recognitions, studying MBBS in the Philippines is the most dependable option for Indian students.

    6) English language is largely spoken among the citizensPhilippines is the third most populous English-speaking nation on earth. Indian MBBS students in the Philippines feel at ease communicating with everyone. The use of English as the medium of instruction makes it easier to focus solely on the subject at hand and lessens the barrier posed by learning the native tongue. The professors speak English and come from all over the world. Since students can communicate with each patient in English, clerkship becomes simpler. While in other nations, students' native languages become a barrier. Learning their language is a requirement in some nations, such as Russia, and Ukraine. Learning a new language is difficult for Indian students. They already devote all of their attention and effort to their medical studies. Additionally, it is challenging for Indian students to communicate within the country. English is spoken by very few people, most notably in the Philippines and the islands of the Caribbean. When studying MBBS in the Philippines, Indian students find it easier to concentrate on the material than on learning a new language.

    7) Climatic conditions are like tropical countriesSimilar to India, the maritime tropical climate of the Philippines is typically hot and humid. The year-round temperatures in the Philippines range from 23 °C to 32 °C, which is comparable to the Indian climate and makes it easy for Indian students to adjust. The tropical climates of India and the Philippines make it easier to quickly adapt to the Philippines. Another advantage of the similar climate is that people have the same disease patterns, making it easier for Indian students who want to practice medicine in India after completing their MBBS in the Philippines. Students from India who choose to study in other nations struggle greatly to survive in cold climates like the UK, Russia, and Ukraine. In those nations, the weather can get very cold and depressing. Additionally, some Indian students who are accustomed to our tropical climate frequently fall ill in those cold nations. When they complete their MBBS degrees in the Philippines, Indian students immediately feel at ease!

    8) Indian MBBS aspirants are more likely to trust Philippine medical schools due to the large number of Indian students already studying thereEvery year, more than 6,000 Indian students decide to pursue a MBBS degree in the Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation, Lyceum Northwestern University, AMA School of Medicine, University of Perpetual Help Dalta, and UV Gullas College of Medicine are the probably the best MBBS colleges in Philippines where understudies decide to fundamentally seek after their clinical training. There are a lot of Indian students enrolled in these top MBA schools in the Philippines already. New students who wish to pursue an MBBS degree in the Philippines will find this easier. The Indian student community in the Philippines that is already completing their MBBS degrees welcome and make new Indian students feel at home. The Indian student community also provides new students with guidance regarding academics and career planning. One of the main reasons why Indian students prefer to study MBBS in the Philippines is because of this.

    9) A beautiful travel destinationEl Nido, Boracay, and Puerto Galera are just a few of the 7,641 islands that make up the Philippines. The Philippines also has beautiful mountains like Mount Pulag and Mount Apo, caves, rivers, and hidden islands, among other things. Students pursuing MBBS in the Philippines have the opportunity to explore the country on weekends and holidays, as well as to take a stroll on the beach. This will help MBBS students in the Philippines relax well during their free time and focus more on their studies.

    10) Career opportunities are much better for Indian students who are pursuing MBBS from Philippines - Philippines' MBBS degree is recognized by every major nation, giving students the opportunity to work in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other developed nations without additional coursework and after passing the appropriate certification exams. To begin their medical careers in India, students must pass the National Exit Test. In the Philippines, Indian MBBS students receive full career development support from their universities!

    These are few reasons which make Philippines the number option for Indian students who dream to pursue MBBS from Abroad.



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