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    Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

    • 12/21/2022 12:26:45 PM
    • Arup Das
    • Requirement

    You must clear your 12th-grade examinations with a minimum of 50% marks. This is the first of the requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th.

    You need a valid passport.

    You must show your German proficiency to be eligible and understand the course teachings well.

    If you opt for an English-taught course, you must present your skills in English proficiency (like IELTS and TOEFL).

    You need a certain amount of money in your account to take care of your expenses in Germany until you get a stipend or part-time job money. 

    Requirements to study in Germany for masters

    You need a relevant bachelor’s degree with good marks to apply for a master’s in Germany. For example, if you are applying for a master’s in computer science in Germany, you need a bachelor’s in computer science, IT, or any computer-related field to become eligible.

    You should show your German proficiency (possibly an A2/B1/B2 level) as a language requirement. If you don’t fulfil this requirement, no worries! You can opt to study German in your home country or Germany!

    If you are going for an English-taught master’s course in Germany, you should show an IELTS score that meets their requirements.

    You need a valid passport to enter Germany.

    You must have some money in your account to meet your living expenses in Germany.

    The applicant requires a motivational letter (or statement of purpose) for choosing their specific course.

    Some courses might ask for relevant work experience.

    Many universities require a letter of recommendation from a professor/lecturer in your previous university where you did your bachelor’s degree.

    If you fulfil the above requirements to study master’s in Germany, that’s awesome!


  • Jasmine Kaur

    12 th pass hi without ilts garmany visa



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